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M. A . R.Y ( Maria. Audrey. Rachael . Yvonne) - Episode 4 & 5

Episode 4
“Good morning ma” the receptionist said
“O Good morning” Yvonne walked to her and dropped the key on the table
“How was the night?” the receptionist asked
“O it was terrible” Yvonne said
“Excuse me?” the receptionist was surprised
“I was joking, it was awesome” Yvonne said smiling
“O That’s good” she smiled back
“Can I ask you something?” Yvonne said
“The room am in, has anyone ever used it”
“No, you are the first, why do you ask?”
“O nothing, I just had a feeling that it was untouched so I decided to ask”
“Yeah its untouched”
“Ok, thank you, I have to go” Yvonne said leaving
“Have a nice day”
“I pray I do” Yvonne said silently to herself…
Without being told Maria knew why Max was acting different, she could remember her words yesterday morning and she felt bad about it. As she sat in the sitting room she heard a strong knock on the door she was startled
“Do you wanna break down my door?” she yelled as she walked to the door and opened it to she Yvonne
“Yvonne?” Maria said and Yvonne quickly ran into the house before she could say another word. Maria was surprised at this attitude
“Yvonne what is it again?” Maria said coming inside to sit down; Yvonne rested her head on the arm of the chair
“Yvonne talk to me”
“There’s a big problem” Yvonne said raising her head
“Ok, what has he done again?” Maria asked
“Its not about that faggot” she said loudly
“Ok relax”
“No I cant” she replied as she was sweating
“Ok talk na”
“A piece of paper just keeps following me around, even after I burnt it, it came back to life” Yvonne said and Maria just stared at her in silence. The only thing Maria could think of was taking her to a psychiatrist.
“Maria say something” Yvonne said
“What do you want me to say? O or you want me to say its ok just shoot the fu-Cking paper”
“What are you saying Maria”
“No Yvonne I should be the one asking you that. What the F**K are you saying?
“My Life is at stake here” Yvonne said
“O yes its hanging from a paper” Maria said
“Stop it”
“Ok, calm down and tell me what is it?”
“Alright” Yvonne then narrated everything to Maria from how she got in the hotel to how she got here
“Well, that will make a good movie” Maria said
“Why are you fu-Cking with my life” Yvonne said
“Ok sorry, but are you sure its not a dream”
“Ok look stop it, ok?” Yvonne said
“Alright, how the hell did you get in it? Did you do any supernatural activity or what?
“Of cause not, you know I don’t believe such Sh*t”
“Even with what’s happening now?” Maria asked
“Well, I don’t know what to do” Yvonne said
“Good then, that guy is an Angel” Maria said
“What? Angel? Please be real” Yvonne said
“this is the point you believe anything, babe” Maria said
“Whatever” Yvonne said and looked on the floor and suddenly screamed
“What is it?” Maria was startled
“That is the paper” She yelled pointing to the floor
“What? That’s nothing” Maria said going closer
“No, don’t touch it” Yvonne yelled
“Its nothing” Maria picked it up and opened it and saw a phone number on it
“Its just a… O my God Yvonne” Maria yelled and ran to Yvonne who had fainted
“Yvonne! Yvonne!! O my God”…
Yvonne opened her eyes gradually, she was weak, where she la!d felt soft, she looked beside her and knew that she was in a hospital with a drip pipe flowing and connected to the hand. She was feeling sleepy and suddenly the door opened and she turned to look at who and saw a very handsome white fellow who sat beside her bed, he was putting on a white shirt and black trousers, she was weak and sleepy she was thinking if it was a dream
“Hello there, don’t be afraid” he said smiling
“Who are you” she said in a weak voice as her eyes weaken
“Am your friend, am here to help”
“Help? Help do what?” she asked
“Relax, you need to clear your mind first” he said and touched her hand then stood up and left
“No, wait” she said but her voice was weak, he walked out and just then her eyes shut close…
When she opened her eyes again she saw Maria, Audrey and a doctor
“What am I doing here? Why am I so weak” Yvonne asked
“Relax Yvonne everything is fine now” Maria said touching Yvonne’s hair
“No I want to know, I feel headaches and I feel so sick” she said
“Yvonne, you have a high fever” the doctor said
“What fever” she asked
“I think you are giving yourself too much worries” Audrey said
“No am not”
“Relax” Maria said
“A man came here and sat beside me, I didn’t know him” she said
“No man came here, Yvonne” the doctor said
“No I saw a white man and good looking, he sat beside me”
“Yvonne you are imagining things” the doctor said
“No am not” she said trying to get up
“No don’t do that” the doctor said holding her down
“Let go am fine” she said
“Alright” the doctor helped her sit down
“I wanna leave”
“No Yvonne you cant” Maria said
“What? You are not my mama” Yvonne said
“Don’t worry she is good to go” the doctor said
“So she doesn’t need to stay one more day” Maria said
“No, I’ll just prescribe some drugs for her to take” he said
“Thank you” Yvonne said standing up and looked at herself
“Who changed my clothes?” she asked
“I did” the doctor said
“What? Why would you do that?” she said
“Yvonne what’s the problem?” Audrey said
“He is not suppose to see my body”
“Please I have seen a lot of Unclad woman, if you know what I mean?” he said
“You know what lets go” Yvonne said moving.
They walked out of the room and to the reception and soon the doctor gave them some drugs for Yvonne and they left the hospital and got into Maria’s car
“I wanna sit at the back” Yvonne said
“Whatever you want” Maria said and opened the back sit for her. Audrey sat in front with Maria who drove the car
“How long did I stay in that hospital?” Yvonne said
“Just one day” Maria said driving
“What? A whole 24hours?”
“Yeah” Maria said
“where’s Rachael?” she asked
“Rachael left some minutes ago” Audrey said
“Where are we going now?” Yvonne asked
“My place” Maria said
After 3mins
“I don’t understand whats happening to me” Yvonne said
“It will be fine dear” Maria said
“You shouldn’t have told them” a voice said beside her and she was startled
“you? How did you get in here?” Yvonne said
“Who are you talking to?” Maria said and in the blink of an eye he had disappeared
“I huuum saw him now” Yvonne said looking confused
“You need some rest” Audrey said
“no I did see him”
“Alright, then” Maria said
After 10mins of driving they arrived at Maria’s place
“Home sweet home” Yvonne said and sat down on the sofa and relaxed
“I’ll prepare something in the kitchen” Maria said going to the kitchen
“Please my bag, I need to take something” Yvonne said
“I’ll get it for you” Maria said and went upstairs and came back with the back
“here” Maria gave her the bag
Audrey sat on an armchair; Maria walked back to the kitchen. Yvonne sat up and opened her bag and brought out her car key and put it in her pocket; she was putting on a black jeans and a white top; she then put her phone too
“Are you going somewhere?” Audrey said
“I just wanna go for a stroll”
“Hell no, you just came back from a hospital” Audrey said
“Look i…. Jesus Christ” Yvonne yelled and jumped up
“What’s that?” Audrey asked
“That is the monster that wants to kill me” Yvonne yelled as she pointed behind Audrey
“There’s nothing” she said looking back
“No No No” Yvonne ran out of the house
“what’s the shouting” Maria said running out of the kitchen
“Its Yvonne, she just ran off”
“O no” Maria said and ran outside but Yvonne had already gotten into her car and drove off
“Yvonne wait, stop” Maria shouted but she drove away…
Yvonne drove fast into the main road
“You shouldn’t have told your friend” a voice said
“Get out of my head” she screamed
She drove to nowhere in particular; she was on 3rd mainland bridge and right in the middle of the bridge her car started to slow down
“O No” she said and tried all she could but nothing so she parked the car by the road, every other kept moving at a high speed. She tried starting it again but nothing happened. She stepped out of the car and walked to the front and opened the engine and stared at it not knowing what to do, she knew that those powers her working against her again, she heard the sound of someone hitting her car from behind, she was scared but went to the back to see who but she didn’t see anyone or any scratch.
And there was a loud trailer horn behind her and she turned and saw a trailer heading to her on a high speed, she froze in fear and there was nowhere to run to cus she couldn’t out run the trailer but suddenly she saw a bright light falling from the sky and suddenly it appeared to be a person and it landed right in front of her facing the coming trailer, she just stared with open mouth as the trailer crashed on him and it came to a full stop as the trailer was seriously damaged and the back part of the trailer flew up and was falling towards Yvonne but he hit it into the sea.
She was completely speechless; she just stood there without saying a word and just staring at him. She just saw a live superman activity. He turned to look at her and that was when she had a good look at him; the most handsome man she had ever seen. He walked to her and stopped in front of her; she just stared with surprise, she looked deep into his eyes and she probably forgot her mouth was open, he also stared at her too but after about 10secs he broke the silence
“My name is Metatron” he said looking into her eyes and she suddenly fainted and he didn’t even attempt to catch her as he watched her fall like a log of wood and not a single smile on his face…
Maria decided to call Rachael and tell her
“Hello Rachael”
“There’s a problem” Maria said
“Yvonne is going crazy”
“what? Did she escape from the hospital?”
“No, we came home and she suddenly ran out of the house claiming she saw a monster”
“Monster? This is serious o” Rachael said
“yes o”
“Am coming to your house now” Rachael said
“Ok” Maria said and hanged up
“What did she say?” Audrey asked
“She’s coming”
After about 30mins Rachael arrived
“Tell me what’s happening?” Rachael said sitting down
“No what do we do?” Audrey said
“I don’t know, I’ve called her number but she didn’t pick the call” Maria said
“Where could she have gone?” Rachael asked
“She would go home” Audrey said
“No she wouldn’t”
“And why?” Rachael asked
“She’s having serious problems with James and she wants a divorce” Maria said
“No again” Rachael said
“They never stop having problems” Audrey said
“look, we have to find her” Rachael said and just then Maria’s phone rang
“Its Yvonne” maria said picked the call
“Hello Yvonne whats happening”
“Please come and Meet me at the CMS church” She said and hanged up
“Hello! Hello. Yvonne”
“What happened?” Audrey asked
“She said I should come to CMS”
“CMS? Where in particular?” Rachael said
“The church”
“Alright let’s go” Maria said and they left…
To be Continued..
Episode 5
Yvonne opened her eyes and saw herself in her car, she noticed the car was parked in another environment, she looked beside her and saw the stranger staring at her and she was startled so she quickly tried to open the door and run away but the door didn’t open
“Don’t worry you can’t open it” he said looking away
“Who the F**K are you?” She said loudly
“Don’t be afraid” he said picking up a doll in the car
“I said who the F**K are you” she said almost crying
“Like I said I am Metatron and am here to help” he said looking at the doll seriously
“Ok Mr. Metatron, please do me a favor” she said
“What is that?” he asked looking at her
“Get the F**K out of my car and stay the F**K away from me” she yelled
“What happened to you yesterday in your hotel room was not a dream and if it happens a second time you might not survive it” he said ignoring her last statement
“How did you know that? Wait a minute… Jesus Christ am so confused now” she said with hands on her head
“Yeah, humans are the most confused creature”
“F**K you. No wait how the hell did you crush that trailer? Why are you here? You are a bad dream” she said
“Don’t be afraid” he said still holding that doll
“Am not afraid of you” she said loudly but didn’t mean one word of it; he turned to look at her
“Good, now let’s go” he said dropping the doll
“Go where, am going nowhere with you” she said
“Humans always over reacting to nothing” he said
“You call this nothing? Am not over reacting” she said
“Unfortunately the fear in you is a positive catalyst that speeds up your reactions”
“Please leave me alone now” she said
“We have to go now” he said
“Am going nowhere” she said and suddenly the car started moving, she was surprised, she looked at him but he looked away
“No No wait stop please” she said but it didn’t stop
“Ok I’ll drive” she yelled and it stopped. She turned on the car and started driving
“Drive to the island” he said.
For the next 5mins she kept glancing at him
“Are you an Angel” she finally said something but she wasn’t sure she wanted to say that
“But you don’t believe in Angels” he said without looking at her
“Well huumm” she lost words
“I’m not an Angel”
“But Angels are real and don’t dispute that”
“Ok, so what are you?” she asked
“Am a Leviathan” he said
“Excuse me?” she said mockingly; he turned to look at her
“Sorry” she said and her face changed
“But what is Leviathan?” she asked
“Leviathans are powerful creatures; created by God long ago even before Angels, we have the power to do anything. We are more powerful than Angels”
“Ok? And you look like humans”
“Yes, we all do and the angels too, for we were all created in the image of our father”
“Father, I see” she said
“Yvonne, please don’t be afraid of me am here to help
“No am no longer scared” she said smiling
“I can feel your fear and smell your lies”
“Now you are scaring me”
“I wouldn’t harm you I promise
“Why are you helping me” she asked
“You will find out soon enough and because I like you” he said without smiling
“So you guys fall in love too?” she said
“We have hearts and minds like you” he said without smiling
“Waw, what a romantic face you have there” she said mockingly
“Don’t mock me, that’s the best expression I can give” he said
“Seriously? Well, in our world we smile when we express feelings” she said
“I wish I could” He said
“You’ll learn” she said smiling
“You shouldn’t have told your friend, what happened to you”
“Because the demon seeks you are your friends and you just led it to them”
“I don’t understand, I’ve never done anything to attract such and as a matter of fact, I don’t go to churches or shrines”
“You speak the truth but you forget one thing” he said
“What is that?” she asked
“Meet me in CMS” he said and disappeared. She still can’t believe all these, so she quickly called Maria to come to CMS……
Yvonne arrived at C.M.S an Anglican church in Lagos island, she entered the church it appeared to be a very large church, she saw someone sitting on one of the benches, he was on a black suit and a red tie; she knew he was the one; she walked to him and sat beside him
“Ok tell me what I forgot” she said
“Let your friends arrive” he said without looking at her but seemed focus on the stone cross at the altar
“How…. How did you know I called my friends” she looked surprised
“Why is that stone cross on the altar” he asked ignoring her question
“Excuse me? (she was surprised at the way he changed subject matters) I..I don’t know? Maybe its some kind of respect or something”
“You speak like it means nothing” he said turning to her
“Why? Should it mean a thing to me? I don’t even go to church, I stopped believeing in God ever since I lost my parents who died in the church”
“You speak with confidence” he said
“What do you expect”
“Did God kill them?” he asked
“Well, sort of”
“You are not so sure but yet quick to condemn my father”
“Suicide bombers attacked the church, why didn’t God stop them”
“Then God didn’t kill them”:
“Yes he did, he watched it happen and did nothing which means he did” she said already crying
“You are not proving anything” he said looking at the cross
“Of cus I am” she said loudly looking at him
“Everything happens for a reason and a purpose” he said
“What reason? What purpose? What could be more important than the lives of my parents”
“Time” he said
“Time? What has that got to do with anything”
“Time made it happen, it was time for them to go”
“What? In such a horrible way?”
“God created Time and death. And in Time Death takes its course. They are not the first”
“Excuse me” she said
“If God had saved your parents you wouldn’t be what you are btoday, if God altered the process he would be altering Time’s pattern and this would lead to lose of untimed lives”
“That ain’t good enough” she said
“Your father is in hell and your mother in heaven”
“What? How can you say that to me?”
“Your father was paid to wear a bomb into the church with your mother ignorant of this. But he had already sent the money to your account and he did the job. That money changed your life” She was speechless
“Wh… What?” she said in a low tone
“The truth”
“My father was poor, what did you expect?” she tried to defend her father
“It doesn’t change anything but if your father had waited a little longer, his crashed business would have sprung back to life” he said loudly and she was calm as tears flowed down her eyes
“My father’s business crashed and for 10years we were damned in poverty, for 10years we waited but God did nothing” she said calmly with tears
“Have you not heard of the man named Job” he said looking at the cross, she was quiet, she knew all he said was true because no one could have guessed that.
“Yvonne!” Maria yelled as she entered the church, Yvonne cleared her eyes and turned to see Maria, she stood up and walked to Maria
“Hey Maria” she said and hugged Maria, she saw Rachael and Audrey
“No, why did you bring them” Yvonne said
“What are you talking about” Rachael said
“Yes there’s a problem” Yvonne said
“What problem?” Maria asked
“It’s complicated, I don’t even know” Yvonne said
“Who’s the white man over there?” Audrey asked
“you wont believe me if I told you” Yvonne said in a low tone
“Tell Me” Audrey said coming closer
“He’s some kind of Angel” she whispered to them; the three of them looked at each other and busted into laughter
“Excuse me?” Maria said
“I am not an Angel” he said and stood up and turned to face them
“Woow” Maria said
“That is a very beautiful man” Audrey said
“Right now I believe you have something better to worry about” he said
“ladies this is Metatron and he’s huumm… I’m a Leviathan” he cuts her words
“Le What? What the hell does that mean?” Maria said laughing but he had a straight face although
“That is not your problem, the problem now is that your lives are endangered”
“Look, I hate threats” Audrey said
“Look, I hate oblivion. Can someone tell me something reasonable?” Rachael said
“Meet me in Yvonne’s car” he said and walked out of the church. They just stood there looking at him
“Who the hell is he?” Rachael said
“You need to see the way he came to me” Yvonne said and walked out too and they followed her.
As they got outside Yvonne entered the car but her friends stood outside
“Will you guys come in or what?” Yvonne said sticking her head out the window then they entered
“Ok tell us” Yvonne said to Metatron
“Ok girls, I want to tell you your story; the story that got you into this perilous pursuit.
Six years ago when you (Yvonne) were doing your service, you met three ladies who you became best of friends with (Maria, Audrey and Rachael). Yvonne and Maria were then posted to a school while Audrey and Rachael were sent to a governmental organization all in the same state (Delta) but 8months into your service you girls went out together and took a long walk into town and your feet led you into a village. In that village you came across a house in a lonely part, it was old and damaged; there was a sign in front of the house “Cursed House No Entry”, but you ladies found it funny and decided to enter and in your attempt to enter an old lady shouted
“Ayi1 Ayi!! No enter there ooo, you fit die”; the ladies laughed at him after he said this
“(Laughs) You need to see your face when you said that” Maria said laughing but he didn’t even smile, he continued
You all ignored the lady’s words believing it to be superstition. As you entered the gate of that house you were all marked for destruction. You entered the main building, it was dirty and dusty and you even touched things in the house but you all ran out of the house after seeing a decaying body hanging from the ceiling. Yvonne you were the first person who entered that gate and that’s the reason you are number one on death’s list and unfortunately you told your friends and now the link is completed “ at this moment the ladies just stared at him for like 15 secs
“Please help us” Yvonne said
“No this is crazy” Rachael said
“Yes” Audrey agreed
“Yvonne I have been trying to help you but you kept rejecting my help. I sent you a number” he said and Yvonne remembered the paper
“But that was creepy and scary” she said
“You haven’t seen anything scary” he said
“yeah right” Maria said
“This is all bullshit, if this thing wanted to attack us (that’s if it exists) it would have done that long ago” Rachael said
“True” Maria said
“I can take you somewhere safe”
“Am not interested” Rachael said
“me too” Audrey said
“this is our life ladies” Yvonne said
“I have a husband and home to run” Maria said
“You all don’t have to go with us. Just Yvonne is enough” he said
“what? Why me?” she said
“because you are head of the list” he said
“Better, don’t worry Yvonne I’ll pray for you” Rachael said and Maria laughed
“You don’t pray?” Maria said
“well, I’ll start now” she replied
“Look, I have to go now, ok? Am not interested in all these” Audrey said and walked out of the car
“Me too” Maria said and followed with Rachael
After they left he turned to Yvonne
“Don’t be afraid, I’ll help you” he said
“Honestly I am”
“Alright, take your time and whenever you are ready I will take you see someone who can help” he said
“alright then, thanks for understanding but I want you to stay with me” she said
“Am not going anywhere” he said
“Yes!!” she said happily
“So what now?” he said
“Now, you blend into mankind” she said
“I already did that” he said
“No not like that? No man falls from the sky like that and crushes a trailer?”
“But what did you expect, it was coming right at you” he said
“Yeah I know and thanks for that but now act like a normal man and not walking like superman “
“One more thing, please learn how to smile” she said
“I can’t” he replied
“Good, I’ll teach you” she said and moved closer to him; she puts her hand on his face and touched his cheeks lightly with her palm then uses her thumbs to push the sides of his mouth in opposite directions upwards
“Now that how to smile” she said holding his face
“Ok, I’ll practice”
“Good, practice with your thumbs like that” she said
“Alright, now we are gonna go back to my hotel room”
“Am ready”
“Good and please don’t do anything scary, ok?” she said
“Ok” he replied; she started the car and drove off…
To be Continued..


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