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M. A . R.Y ( Maria. Audrey. Rachael . Yvonne) - Episode 2 & 3

Rachael wakes up to a beautiful fresh start, she turns around but couldn’t feel her husband around her, she stood up and walked into the bathroom and came out in 15mins with a towel. She walks to her wardrobe and searches for clothes, she settles for a grey body hug and black jeans and then put on a turtle neck sweater. She sat in front of her mirror and did the usual art work on her face for about 5mins then was ready to go to her supermarket. As she stepped out of her room she saw her husband David coming
“David, where did you go?” she said
“What a stupid question” he said without looking at her and walking into the room and slammed the door
Rachael knows deep down that David doesn’t love her but is after her wealth. Its her low self esteem that’s keeping him with her. As she walked downstairs she could here music playing loudly from the sitting room
“Rita! Rita!!” she yelled but she was ignored, Rachael wasn’t in the mood to get in a fight with her kid sister so she just walked out of the house and got into her SUV and drove off. As she drove she thought about sending her sister far away from her so as to find peace in her home but she knew David wouldn’t allow that and Rachael also has feeling that David is banging her sister but she needed evidence
Rachael knows that if she catches them she wouldn’t know what to do about it…
Yvonne was driving but her attention was not on the road, she didn’t know she had entered the wrong lane. Yvonne was still thinking why and how she got involved with James because all she felt now was hate, she wondered if he had used juju on her, she could no longer endure the pain she felt and have suffered in James’ hand. She remembered the day James saw her laughing with a guy who came to see her. James had walked into the house that day and saw them and immediately went straight to the guy and punched him on the face and they started fighting.
James broke a bottle on his head and stabbed him; Yvonne tried to stop him but he beat her so bad. The guy ended up in the hospital and Yvonne paid the bills but that was the end of their friendship; James has done this to some other guy too.
She remembered the day he beat her till she fainted, she was admitted in te hospital and only her three best friends visited her and paid the bills, they tried to arrest James but James had the police in his pocket.
As she thought about this suddenly her mind was drawn back to the road by an incoming tanker and it was so close that she froze in fear and removed her hands from the steering wheel but suddenly
“Watch out!!” a guy said beside her and turned the wheels quickly into the right lane. Yvonne was still in shock of what just happened, she was breathing heavily with fear and looked beside her and couldn’t see anyone. She stopped her car by the side of the road and looked at her rear mirror and saw the tanker going. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She became confused; was she imagining things or is she going crazy about her problems? She didn’t want to believe that someone just appeared in her car to save her but she could still feel his touch on her thigh, she didn’t even get a good view of his face but all she saw was some kind of bright skin guy maybe a white man
“Maybe my guardian angel” she thought and then she la!d her head on the steering wheel and slept off…
“Look, Audrey I need the money. Are you giving it or not?” Chinedu said standing beside the bed while putting on his clothes.
“Sweet heart, I’ll give you the money but things are not going well at the store” she replied
“Like I care, how does that concern me” he said
“How can you say that?” she said sitting up
“Look, if I don’t get the money just forget about seeing me again” he said walking out of the room
“Okay, wait” she said and moved to her locker by the bed and brought out a bundle of money and gave it to him
“There you go, I’m sorry, Okay? I love you and I’ll do anything for you” she said; he snatched the money and left without a Thank you
Audrey sat on the bed staring at the door. She happens to be a very rich lady who owns a very large boutique in town, she lives alone in a big duplex but her problem is, dating a guy too young for her.
She finally stepped out of the car; she looked around and walked into the store
“Good morning Ma” one of the sales girls said
“Good morning my dear”
“Ma your sister came to the store yesterday and took #370 thousand from the locker saying that you asked her to bring it urgently”
“What?” she almost screamed, she became so angry she left the supermarket & headed back home.
She parked her car outside the gate & entered the compound, went to the door and as she got in she saw David dancing with her sister
“What are you doing” she said angrily, they ignored her. She went over and turned off the DVD
“What the hell?” David said
“Are you crazy? What are you doing?”
“We are dancing” Rita said sweating
“Rita why did you go take money from my store”
“Me? I didn’t”
“Shut up you liar. You took #370 thousand from my store, why?”
“Oh that” she said unserious
“Yes that”
“I used it for a party with my friends in school”
“What?” Rachael said angrily, she immediately slapped her sister
“What you slapped me?” Rita said
“Why did you do that?” David said to Rachael
“Shut up, I’ll do it again” she said and suddenly Rita slapped her too. She couldn’t believe it
“You slapped me? Rachael said and wanted to beat her but David held her
“Leave me alone” she struggled
“Stop it, you slapped first Na” David said
“O so you are supporting her” Rachael said
“You started it” he said
“Rita get out of my house and never come back” Rachael said angrily
“No problem I’ll leave” she said & walked inside
“What are you doing?” David said but she walked out of the house
“Rachael” he called but she walked away. . . . .
Yvonne was still thinking as she entered the house; she refused to go into her bedroom so she went into the guest room to take her bath and after she did she decided to go upstairs, pack her things & leave.
She walked upstairs slowly in a moody face, she opened her room door only to see a man with a white towel round his waist and then her husband came out of the bathroom too with towel round his waist she was surprised
“What’s going on here?” she asked
“Yvonne you are back” he said without a surprise look
“Don’t tell me it’s what I think it is”
“Yes it is” he said holding the man
“What? You are g@y. You are fu-Cking homo” she said loudly
“Don’t worry, your things are already packed” he said to her, she was surprised that he had already packed her things she just went over and picked her things from the table & packed her bags & left without anymore words
She got to her car opened the backdoor & dropped her things in there then she entered & drove off to nowhere in mind. She decided to lodge in a hotel for sometime
She drove into the hotel premises, then she brought out her bags and immediately someone came with a bag carrier
“Good morning madam, let me help with that?”
“O thank you” she said & handed the bag over He followed behind her, she entered the reception & went to the counter
“Good morning” she said
“Good morning ma” the lady said smiling
“Please I need a room”
“What type of room please?”
“An executive suite please”
“Ok madam how long do you plan on staying”
“A week”
“Ok ma that’s gonna cost you #1.5 million including all other benefit and feed” she said smiling
“Ok let’s say a month” she said and the attendant was surprised
“Ok ma we’ll give you a discount of 10%, so you’ll pay 5.5 million”
“Ok that’s fine” she said and brought out her credit card and handed it over and after some seconds she received it back.
“Thank you ma”
“Thank you” she said and walked away with the room key. Yvonne is a very senior staff in NUPENG so doesn’t wonder how she got such money. She arrived at room 201
“Allow me” the attendant said collecting the key to open the door for her
“Thank you” she said smiling. She walked in and he followed her with the bags
“Put it there, thank you “she said and he dropped it and about to leave when she called him back
“Here have this” she brought out some money from her hand bag #1000 notes without counting she handed them to him, he was full of excitement
“Thank you ma” he collected it with both hands & bowed
“You’re welcome” she said smiling, he left & she closed the door she packed up her things and started arranging them because she knew she would be here for some time . . . .
The night came but Maria had not seen her husband, she looked at the time it was 9:30pm, she dialed his number but he didn’t pick
“God I hope he’s fine” she was really scared because Max always came back by 6:30pm & now it’s been 3 hrs but no sign of him but as she panicked she heard the horn of his car, she quickly ran outside she saw the gate man run to the gate and opened the gate and Max’s car came into the compound
“Thank God” she said happily
Max came out of the car with a file in his hand; she opened her arms to give him a hug but he just walked past her without a smile. She felt embarrassed; he walked into the house and went up stairs& into his room. Maria came into the room still surprised about his attitude
“Max what was that outside?” she said referring to his unpleasant attitude. He was silent as he took of his coat & tie and taking of his shirt she asked again
“Max what’s wrong with you? You stayed out late and you are back without saying a word. I welcomed you & you ignored me” she said loudly but it seemed like he had gone deaf cause he didn’t utter a word; he didn’t even look at her face. She was becoming angry; he just took his towel and walked into the bathroom and locked the door. Maria was surprised because he had never done that ever since they got married
“Max please talk to me “she said knocking on the door
After 15 mins, he came out of the bathroom, he saw her sitting on the bed; he walked to the wardrobe and took out his night wears and after wearing it, he went and sat down on the bed, he brought out his laptop from his bag and opened it
“Max is this about what I said in the morning?” she said turning to look at him but he didn’t respond
“Ok, my love I’m sorry please it won’t happen again I’m really sorry” she said but no response they were both quiet for 5 mins until she said
“I prepared some Jollof rice and turkey for you” she said smiling but he continued with what he was doing
“I already served yours or should I bring it up her?” she asked but he didn’t utter a word he just closed the laptop and la!d on the bed & closed his eyes. Maria la!d on the bed facing him but he turned and backed her. She decided not to disturb him and soon he was asleep. . . . . . .
“Hello beautiful” a guy said to Yvonne as she sat down watching a movie with a bottle of Hennessey. She turned her head and looked at him then turned to face the cinema TV
“What do you want?” she asked
“I was sitting over there and just wondering why a beautiful girl like you would be sitting at the back here all alone” he said smiling, she looked at him again then looked at the TV
“So after wondering you decided to come do what actually” she said sipping from the bottle
“actually, I came to relax with you and chat” he said smiling
“Don’t you think relaxing with me might cost you your life?” she said without looking at him and the smile on his face disappeared
“Excuse me?” he said
“Of Cause you are excused” she said
“I think you are taking too much of that alcohol” he said and she looked at the bottle
“I think you are right, here have some” she said giving him the bottle
“No thanks” he replied
“Ok, you don’t drink right?” she asked him. From the way she spoke she was already drunk
“You are drunk” he said
“No you are drunk” she replied
“No am not” he said
“I think you are because if you are not, you wouldn’t be sitting your butt0ckz over there and start wondering why am alone here” she said
“Your alcohol is too much” he said trying to collect the bottle
“Don’t you dare” she said and he pulled back
“look am just here as a friend” he said
“You see what am saying? You are drunk because if you weren’t you would understand that the reason am sitting here alone is because I wanna be left alone and if I needed a guy I would call for one and definitely not you” she said
“You are crazy” he said and walked away
“Your mama” she yelled at him
“Idiato” she said and laughed
“And am even more drunk to have listened to you wondering about me” she said laughing; after sometime she left the cinema room..
To be continued..
Episode 3
Yvonne was just coming back from the hotel’s cinema room, she walked to her room door sluggishly then opened her bag brought out the key and it dropped from her hand, she bent down and picked it up & opened the door, the room was dark so she put on the lights; she turned to look at the time it was 9:15pm, she walked to her bed side and saw a paper on the floor she picked it up and opened it; it was a phone number, she looked at it & read it but didn’t recognize/know the number
“How did this get here?” she said but she looked at it, she threw it in her waste basket, she just finished eating and she was tired, she turned on the A.C cause the room was hot, she la!d on the bed to sleep, she closed her eyes to sleep then the event that occurred earlier came to her mind, she remembered the stranger but couldn’t see his face, she recalled seeing herself in front of her gate in her car, then suddenly she saw herself on 3rd mainland bridge and the sun was hot she could feel it on her skin and suddenly she saw a thriller coming towards her on speed it seemed it lost control but as she tried to run the thrilled hit her off the bridge and she immediately opened her eyes & got up from the bed, she was sweating even in the A.C, she was surprised that she had started dreaming just now. She set her feet down the bed but stepped on something; she looked down and saw that same piece of paper, she picked it opened it and the same number again
“How did it get here again?” now she was scared, the alcohol was clearing off gradually, she went to the waste basket and looked inside and saw nothing, she threw it back in the basket and went back to her bed, then she heard the sound of water in her bathroom, she almost freaked out she stood up and walked to the door, she suddenly became scared of opening the door but she summoned courage and opened it and as she entered she could hear the sound coming from behind the shower curtains. She was scared but she walked over and opened the shower curtain and saw nothing. The shower was off, the tube was dry as bone
“O no Alcohol is playing on my intelligence” she said to her self and walked back to her room and just beside the bed was the same paper waiting for her.
Now at this point the alcohol had cleared off her eyes, she paused in fear, she bent down and looked under the bed but nothing, she refused to pick the paper
“What is going on here?” she was scared and quickly went for the door but the door refused to open, she struggled but nothing and suddenly the lights went out
“O My God” her heart was racing, she was breathing heavily, her pupils dilated in search of light and then suddenly a bright red light shined from the wall close to her bed, she quickly blocked her eyes as she glued to the door with fear and then suddenly she saw a figure coming out of the light, it was like a short old lady with a walking stick and a big load on her head, Yvonne couldn’t see her face. What was on the old lady’s head was like an octopus. Yvonne was freaking out as the red light gave out heat and made her sweat. The old lady walked slowly towards Yvonne and in the old lady’s other hand was a devil’s trident. Yvonne knew the woman was going to kill her and she tried to run but couldn’t move a foot, she tried to scream but couldn’t, she started crying as the old lady came closer…
“Rachael! Rachael!!” David yelled
“What” she said sitting down in the palour
“Your sister is not leaving this house” he said
“Excuse me?” she said turning to look at him
“No excuses, if she leaves I’ll leave too” he said
“David how can you say that?” she said standing up
“She stays” he said
“David you have something going on with my sister”
“(Laughs) really? Is that how you see it? Ok no problem am leaving with her” he said walking away
“No wait please, I love you but my sister is giving me problems, she goes around taking my money without my permission. She owes debts which I end up paying for and she aint grateful”
“So am not grateful” Rita said coming out
“David you see what am saying, she doesn’t even show me respect despite the fact that she stays in my house”
“Ok, I’ll leave or do you think I cant survive without you” Rita said
“Shut up” David yelled
“Rita be quiet, show your elder sister some respect, we all know you wouldn’t survive without her. And Rachael let her stay please forgive her, I’ll talk to her and she will behave” David said and Rachael was silent
“Rachael” David called her attention
“Ok, she’ll stay but you better talk to her” Rachael said and walked upstairs to her room
“Rita behave yourself, what’s wrong with you? Why would you take her money without her permission?”
“Well, ok I won’t take her money again” she said
“Good” David said smiling
“Come here” Rita said and dragged David to her room..
Yvonne was still standing there and looking at the old lady who was approaching, as Yvonne said her last prayers there was a sudden white light from her bathroom door, the light was so bright that it shined through the edges of the closed door and the rays were clearly visible and straight. The old lady stopped, Yvonne was surprised the old lady stopped and as she looked she saw something running out of the red light towards her, she resumed her crying and the room started shaking and suddenly the bathroom door flung open and the light shined brightly and even the old lady covered her face and suddenly something ran out of the red light, it was huge monster horns and it immediately carried the old lady in its hand and ran into the red light, just then a well built man ran out off the white light and towards the red light but the red light immediately vanished and the room was full of white light; Yvonne watched carefully with surprise as the man walked back into the white light, he passed her like she wasn’t there, he stopped at the entrance of the white light then turned to look at her but she looked away because the light was too bright, he walked into the light and disappeared. The door slammed close loudly and the light went out leaving her in darkness and then the room lights came on. She was still standing glued to the door with her mouth opened and still in shock of what just happened and suddenly she fell down and fainted…
7:00am, Max stood up from the bed he looked by his side and Maria wasn’t there, he walked into the bathroom and locked the door and came out in 15mins, he dressed up for work, he picked up only his laptop and car key and left the room, he went down stairs and saw Maria in the sitting room
“Good morning Honey, Breakfast is ready” she said happily walking towards him, he passed her and walked out of the house not saying a word and not even looking at her, he entered his car and drove off. She was just standing there not knowing what to say/or do, she turned to look at the food on the dinning before going upstairs
“Audrey I need to talk to you” Chinedu spoke to Audrey who was prepared to go out
“What is it? You want money again?” she said facing her mirror
“No I don’t”
“What is it then?”
“I want us to end this relationship” he said and Audrey paused to look at him then continued with her dressing
“Did you hear me?” he asked
“You must be joking” she said
“I’m dead serious”
She stood up and put her phone and some things in her bag then carried it and turned to him
“Why?” she asked
“I’m tired of you making your s*x toy”
“Is that an excuse?” she said
“It’s the truth”
“So after all the money I’ve spent on you, you think you can walk out like that?” she said
“Look Audrey (he stands up) I have a girl friend who loves and cares about me”
“Really? So I don’t care about you”
“It has to end please” he said
“Ii can’t and if I see you with any girl, I’ll kill her”
“You must be joking” he said
“Oh! So am the one joking now?” she said
“You’ll do nothing” he said
“Then try it and see if I’ll do nothing” she said and walked out. He stood there watching her walk out and couldn’t do anything, he walked into the shower. . . .
Rachael was already prepared for work; she came down stairs and saw David in the sitting room watching a movie
“Hello honey” she pecked him
“Hello, how was your night?” he said
“Fine but you didn’t sleep in the room with me” she said
“Sorry I slept off while watching a movie” he lied
“It seems you’re addicted to watching movie” she said
“It a hobby not a habit” he said
“Are you not going to work?” she asked
“I will, it’s just 7:00am” he said looking at the time
“So you prefer going late?”
“I want to go late today”
“I don’t want that stupid M.D to call me for prayers anytime am early, we’ll have to prey and I’m not into such stuffs”
“(Laugh) ok whatever you say, I’m going” she said and left
“Have a nice day” he said smiling
“We have the whole house to ourselves” Rita said coming down stairs in a transparent nightgown. David was excited at the sight of her
“O yes we do” he said looking at her body. She walked to him drew him up, she kissed his lips , she then pulled down his trouser and then his boxer, the she knelt down in front of him. . . .
“Madam! Madam!!” the cleaner called Yvonne; she opened her eyes and saw that it was day, she was feeling weak
“Who are you?” she said in a low tone trying to stand
“Am the cleaner” she said helping her up
“Thank you” she said standing up
“I think you drank too much last night” the cleaner said, Yvonne was feeling unstable as she held her head
“No I didn’t drink”
“But why were you are on the floor?” the cleaner asked; she now remembered last night’s event, she became scared again; she walked to her bed side and saw that piece of paper
“Come please pick that paper & throw it away” she said pointing to the paper; the cleaner was surprised at her attitude towards a piece of paper; it was like she was scared of the paper. The cleaner picked up the paper & sq££zed it and put it in the waste basket she brought
“No please burn the paper. Ok?” she said
“Ok I will” the cleaner was not understanding Yvonne’s attitude
“Is anything the problem madam” she said
“No just make sure you burn it” Yvonne said
“Ok I will”
“I’ll be outside, when you are through I’ll come in” Yvonne said and went out
Yvonne was really worried; what the hell was that? And what did it want? Why was this happening to her? She kept thinking, she decided to go down stairs, she was still on her outing dress from last night with no shoes on her feet, she walked down the stairs but she had a voice in her head saying
“Go back” she stopped and went back up and back to her room, the cleaner was already through and wanted to leave
“Wait” Yvonne said
And walked to her bag and searched furiously and brought out a lighter; she always carried a lighter because she sometimes played with it by flipping it open and close while thinking
“Where’s the paper?” she asked the cleaner who deeped her hand in the basket and brought it out. Yvonne flipped the lighter open and burnt the paper
“Yes all done, you devil” she said smiling
“Excuse me?” the cleaner said
“O sorry not you, madam” Yvonne said to her; the cleaner was still alittle bit worried about her attitude as she walked out of the room
Yvonne sat on the bed for like 15mins thinking but later went into the shower and came out in 30minutes with a towel, she took off the towel from her chest and wiped her hair and as she did so she suddenly remembered the paper, she tied the towel on her waist and walked to the bed side then looked and didn’t find the paper
“Go to hell” she said and walked back to her wardrobe and took out a nice white gown and she dressed up; the gown was slightly above the knees and was armless, she puts on a perfume called ‘DORIS’, she then combed her hair and packed it with a hair band as ponytail leaving the end falling behind her neck, she picked up her bag and car keys then headed for the door. She opened the bag to check for her phone and it was there and as she went out she looked back inside and saw the paper on the floor, she made a short scream then b@nged the door quickly as she ran outside. She walked fast along the corridor and looked back like she was been chased; she almost fell with her heeled shoes. As she came down to the reception she decided to act normal so she took a deep breath then walked out into the reception and headed for the exit..
To be Continued..


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