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LIFE Of A CELEBRITY Episode 4 & 5

He initially felt embarrassed, this was a secret even Bruno doesn't know..he always had that particular nightmare of his father right from tender age, how his father had tried to strangled him to death at age 9, how he tried to drown him at age he always locked him inside his cupboard for plays repeatedly, in his subconscious mind..all the hurt, all the emotional trauma..he was truly damaged..
"It's OK, its can trust me..please"
She beckoned and extended her hands..he hesitated with his head bowed..since he wasn't coming she climbed the bed..he tried to move but she held his arm..
"Come here"
She brought him to lie on her chest..he could feel her heart beat so fast, for a moment there it was really awkward as she soothed his hair..
He attempted to say something but she hushed him..
"Sshhh, tell me about it tomorrow"
It was becoming comfortable for both of them, then relaxing.. He fell asleep..he was becoming too heavy for her to carry, she gently tried her best to remove his head and placed it on his pillow, he noticed and drew her back onto the bed when she tried to go out..he cuddled her
"Stay with me"
She didn't know if what she was doing was actually right, was she going too far with this? He wouldn't let her go..although she wouldn't deny she loved his muscular arms around her..she thought wide, what could happen if she eventually falls for him..?how he would react if he finds out she was paid to prepare him as a business tool..?he fell asleep, she did too..
He woke up the next morning and found out she had left early..he didnt know if he could face her after what she had seen..he remained in his room..
Eve got a call from her biological mother again..she ignored it..she considered the woman a curse..yes she knows her biological mother, who was simply the richest in the whole city, a woman of power and substance..she was the sole owner of "Sara corps Ltd" both mother and daughter and found themselves two years back..but then, Eve never considered Yvonne as her mother..she was ruthless, cruel and ambitious, Yvonne abandoned her as a baby to seek wealth and came back to seek for her when God had sealed her womb..she had chose to live in poverty than to live with her biological mother..Well as said from the Beginning, this is a long complicated story, because out of the blue, she saw her mother March into Simon's mansion and requested
"Where is my son?"
she attempted to hide but she had been spotted already
"Eve?..what are you doing here?"
her mother asked as she approached Eve with a questionably face..
"I emm.."
Yvonne approached with that sterned face
"mum Simon is your son?"
Eve changed the topic to a more pending issue
"yes..don't worry he is adopted"
she was relieved but she couldn't help but think how heartless her mother can be..she classified the simon like something she just bought from the market
"mum he is your son for God sake, not a prized commodity"
she scoffed it off..
"oh come on Eve, in this world its all business, love is for the weak..feelings is for the ignorant..all you need is be of ambitious, trample anyone who stands on your way..get what you want no matter the cost"
Eve took two steps backwards..
"stay away from me"
she requested, the woman was a devil, she couldn't believe she had this kind of woman as her mother
"whatever you say sweetie..whenever you are ready, you would come to me..for now I have to see that boy"
"you wouldn't go near him"
Eve stopped her, there is no way she would let her get to him at that state..
Eve knew her mother well, Yvonne was ruthless but when it comes to Eve, it was just her weakness
"you've not told me what you are doing here Eve"
Yvonne had long divorced her husband, she loved her independent live, though she abandoned Simon with his father who made life miserable for him..she had her own money, she had her substance..but she still had a bond with Simon, so she visited..she cared but she wouldn't show it to him
"I came to visit"
Eve lied, although she knew her mother wasn't a fool
"Tell Simon I came around, I have a meeting to attend"
what a relief, she couldn't still believe her mother was Simon's foster mother.. and simon, he had not come out of his room since morning, maybe he had forgotten they were supposed to leave for Abuja that very day..
Bruno came around..her crush.. the guy was just too sweet..he bought her flowers and pecked her before he listened to all the gists she had to say..she had made him watch over her family while she was in the mansion
"any progress with Simon?"
Bruno asked..
"yeah, he is not that bad tho..he has changed alot"
she was proud saying it..she had done a good job..
"if that's the case, it means you can now leave the mansion"
her brain replayed the words..she stammered and added some sweet lies, there is no way she would leave Simon..
Eve should have left when life in the mansion was still simple.. But she didn't, trusting herself to be in control
"Emm, I think I still need to watch him for a week or two"
She persisted against Bruno's idea..Bruno was quiet for a while..was Eve getting attracted to Simon already? She averted his eyes and kept her head down.. There was only one way to find out
"Eve I am interested in you, I just can't explain my attraction to you"
His words sent her off balance, this was her crush..the man of her dreams, actually pouring out his feelings to her when she least expected..she stuttered and answered quickly
"Same here"
Bruno smiled, it was confirmed then, she wasn't attracted to Simon..unfortunately Simon heard her..he had decided to take a stroll out when he overheard their she likes Bruno, hmm..what is that to him anyway, he started back upstairs.. But as he moved her words began to reverberate in his ears.."same here"
He was can Bruno just come Into his house and take his property..
"So I am guessing we should go out on an official date then"
Bruno suggested and extended his hands to help her up..she couldnt believe she just agreed to Bruno's offer just like that..what was she thinking..she knew he must be thinking she was cheap now..
She didn't drop the word Simon charged in and interrupted her
"Ok Bruno you have overstayed your welcome, please use the door"
Both Bruno and Eve questioned in unison..Bruno couldn't believe Simon. He made an attempt to say something
"I said leave"
Simon repeated himself just for him to know he was damn serious..
"Then I am going with him"
Eve said and attempted to go after Bruno but Simon was quick to draw her back..
"Don't move an inch.. You are mine"
Bruno gasped in shock..oh no..he hurried to Mr Nkoli immediately.. This was getting out of hands already
"Grandfather we have a situation"
He met Mr Nkoli sipping his green tea as usual
"Lemme guess, Eve has fallen for Simon as expected" he said and sipped from his tea
"No grandfather, its the other way round..I couldn't believe it myself, Simon has fallen for her"
His cup of tea fell from his hands..
"Simon? Unbelievable that bastard is not capable of love"
"What am saying is the truth sir, he even asked me out of his house because of Eve"
Mr Nkoli stood up..
"Then its time she leaves that house..else she would ruin our her to meet me up"
To be Continued..
Episode 5
"What was that for?"
Eve questioned and stopped him when he attempted to walk out
He stopped to face her, she was extremely furious, who does he think he his to control her like his property?
"Why did you send Bruno out, your childhood friend?"
He scoffed at her question
"Childhood what? He is my grandfather's bodyguard..I just knew him last year..I never had any friend"
She was taken aback a little, why would Bruno lie to her..
"But that doesn't gives you the right to send him out like that"
She still protested
"It's my house, you belong to me"
That word again, it infuriated her
"I belong to no one!"
He paced, them turned to face her before he spoke from a clenched teeth
"Yet you opened your mouth to say 'same here' the moment he asked you cheap"
Oh she understood now, he was jealous?
"Wait, is that what this is about?"
He didn't answer, he attempted to walk out again but she held him back, he was really trying to keep it in but she was pushing him
"Yes! Yes!! interested in you OK..there is something about you I can't explain, this attraction I can't kill, its like you are part of me, you understand"
She didn't want to hear anymore, she hushed and interrupted him
"Stop it stop it"
She had to think here, this Simon is going to land her in big trouble
"Let me go"
She struggled when he stopped her from running off
"Come on Eve, you wouldn't deny you are not attracted to me too, I see the way you look at me, don't you feel the connection? I know you feel it"
Her breathe was going unstable, her heart was racing fast, really fast..
"Simon stop, please"
She was growing weak as he reached for her this can't happen, what if he finds out she was just in for the money? He would be hurt all over again..and Mr Nkoli, no it can't be
"Let me go!"
She withdrew with all the feminine strength she had left and got freed..she hurried out in tears..oh no this isn't happening..
Simon didn't know what to feel, should he go after her..he knew Eve was attracted to him, he could feel it..what was holding her back..he called the director and cancelled their trip to Abuja, with their present state he wasn't sure their Romantic movie would go well
Eve was confused here, God what does she do now? Does she feel the same way? But she likes Bruno..the worst has happened, or so she thought before Bruno called her
"Grandfather wants to see you now"
Eve was shaking seriously
"Let me go"
She whispered to Simon, Simon couldn't understand why she felt uneasy with his Grandfather's presence..what was going on?
"Eve come with me"
Mr Nkoli instructed.. She immediately came down from the car, her heart was beating so loud that she could hear it
"Where is she going with you?"
Oh God, Simon wouldn't just listen, he had put her in enough trouble already
"Go home Simon, its none of your business"
That infuriated him, he had never stood up to his grandfather for anything, well there is a start for everything
"She is going nowhere with you"
He moved and took her hands straight to the car, despite her plea..
Oh my God, he doesn't understand
"Simon you shouldn't have done that"
She cried out
"Why? Is it a crime I kissed you? I am a man and I can choose who I want?"
She shook her head
"It's not that?"
He was getting impatient
"Then what? You kissed me are attracted to me ain't you?"
He asked as he used his hand to touch her cheek
There was no point denying it
God knows she wanted to tell him, but her words got stuck..where does she start from? If she tells him she was simply paid to prepare him for marriage to another woman, how would he feel? He would surely think her feelings are fake..he wouldn't believe anything she says.. He would hate her..he would be broken, hurt all over again..
"But what Eve? If you have anything to tell me, now is the can tell me"
She swallowed hard..tears she couldn't control dripped from her eyes
"Just that..that am scared"
He was touched, he brought her to his chest and hugged her so tight
"Don't worry, am here for you..I won't let any harm come to you"
She bit her lips so hard..she knew she just made the biggest mistake of her life..she should have just told him everything, but she couldn't help it, she was indeed scared
He brought her home, he watched her closely till she had to pretend she had slept she can sneak out to see Mr Nkoli..
And with the slightest chance she got she stole out..straight to meet her fate.
Simon noticed and ran out looking for her, only to see a classic car in his compound, a young classic lady came down to meet him
"And you are?"
He questioned in disgust, who is she to have the guts to drive into house like it was her personal playground..
She smiled with a gesture when she was face to face with him, she removed her dark shade
"Your wife dumbass"
To be continued..


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