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LIFE Of A CELEBRITY Episode 2 & 3

"You all have to understand that as soon as you become a star, your private life becomes the hunt of everyone..then you live for the public..."
Simon came in again and interrupted the director..He was looking for Eve
Well for the past one week, after she had challenged him in present of everyone, he had never failed to make everything difficult for her..he had expected her to fall to her knees and beg for forgiveness, but she wouldn't, let's she how long she can hold on
She stood up so he could see her
"Get up and sit on the floor, your place is not among them"
Everyone was getting irritated with his actions now, but he didn't care..she did as he demanded, he wasn't satisfied, he could see no matter what he did, it didn't have any effect on her..he must break her somehow..
He came up with a plan..he made sure she practiced till late in the evening..she had the mind of sleeping over since it was dark already..there were plenty of rooms to sleep in anyway
"You are going home now..quickly out"
She was extremely scared..
"Please sir, just let me spend the night, this area is damn dangerous"
He laughed wickedly..that was the exact plan..
"Do I look like I care? or you can kneel in presence of everyone and beg for my..."
She didn't let him finish, she started towards the gate..
"She would come back" he thought, but she didn't
Just few metres away a group of hoodlums that had been hungrily looking for girls to rape for a week now set eyes on her
She ran but then they caught her, she struggled and brought down two of them but they were just too many for her to handle
A car headlight shone on them, they stopped and Simon came down..she couldn't believe her eyes..he paid them off..
"You see you are nothing.
" wait you paid them to rape me?"
Before he could breathe a word she slapped him..her temper had gotten to another level that he kept still
"I might take your rubbish, but how could you attempt to violate me?..you would go that far? What did I ever do to you?" She asked tearfully
"That's the thing little one, like I said, if you are tired..you go"
Okay she has had it this time..the next morning she packed her stuffs and headed out of the house
"Where do you think you are going?"
A young man whose handsome qualities she couldn't described called from behind her..she wiped a tear
"Home, where else would I go?"
She questioned back..he shook his head
"Not yet young lady, your job isn't done yet"
Was he a kind of Angel or what?
"What job? So I would lose my dignity in the process..who are you self?"
She had to ask as she dropped her bags, it was becoming heavy for her
"I am Bruno..Simon's childhood friend, we grew up together"
She nodded like she was really getting him, until she burst his bubble by asking
"So what has that got to do with me..Bruno?"
He smiled at her question..
"Everything my dear..I'll fill you in over a cup of coffee"
After much persuasion she followed him to a coffee stand..
"Simon is a broken man..right from his childhood..he found out at the age of six that he was an adopted child..his foster father had never seized to make life miserable for him, at times he locked him up inside his cupboard for days..he was bullied in school, the only friend he had was me..although i wasn't there for him all the time..he grew up knowing nothing but hate..so it explains his actions.."
She cleared her throat to interrupt him..and then, she burst his bubble again
"Your story is really nice, but it still has nothing to do with me, so I think I would be on my way now, thanks for the coffee"
She stood up but he held her back..
"Please hear me out"
She reluctantly sat back and tapped her right foot impatiently
"You are the only one who has stood up to him..i saw it all and told grandfather about it, he has a job for you"
"Which is?"
She was interested now
"Fix Simon, but do not fall for him"
She laughed, what this one saying? So she is now a fixer
"You would be paid 50milllion a month, it will be doubled to 100million if there are results"
Her laughter seized..the sound of the money gained weight in her ears..was he joking?
"You are joking right?"
Oh my God, he wasn't joking..
"Am in"
She needed money of course
"Please remember you can't fall for him, the family has a wife for him already"
She scoffed, Fall for who? That heartless cold bastard.. She is in for the money..
"But he wants me out of the house"
"Grandfather would take care of that, for now, we need to change your appearance..follow me"
She entered the most expensive saloon in the area..
"You are beautiful"
Bruno commented when they were thru, her eyes shone, her v-faced shaped broadened out, her plumpy cheek and her red lips was now visible
"What are you doing here?..get out!"
Simon shouted the minute he saw her,
"She is going no where son"
Oh my God, his worst nightmare..it was Mr Nkoli, his grandfather..
Eve life changed for the better, with just a little task to do..or so she thought before she jumped into the task trusting herself never to fail..
"Sir, why do you really want him to change?"
She asked Mr Nkoli when he took her for a cup of tea..
"He has to get married within three months to my business partner's daughter..to strengthen our business line, and you know he can't be a good husband in this state"
She almost asked why the said wife can't do the job herself..she was a little disappointed, she really thought he wanted a son back..he just wanted a tool for business..well its none of her business anyway..she is just gonna try her best
"If I fail, would I refund?"
He laughed and shook his head..oh thank God
"But if you succeed, spotlight film production company becomes yours"
Hmm, very very enticing..
"For a start this is a cheque of a million naira"
Wait was all these a joke? Was he really ready to give that much? Was there another motive as to why he wants Simon to change? Well she got a cheque that would move her family out of a one room apartment, so who cares anyway..
"Think of it all, what you stand to gain, you would be a star, you would March in a red carpet event"
Her head was swelling..
"Ok OK sir, where and when do I start"
"Bruno would fill you in"
A week later she had gotten a well furnished flat for her family, she had a fashion designer now, who designed all her outfits, if she is to entice Simon, she would have to look presentable.. She had not set eyes on him ever since, it was like she was undergoing training.. On the day she wore a native attire, a blue blouse on a multi red and gray skirt with a yellow head tire..
Bruno led her into the house.. She met the director addressing the house concerning the new movie they were about to start, of which they were expecting a movie award..so it takes a really talented artist to take the lead role.
"She would do it" Bruno said
All eyes turned to Eve, she was becoming a little shy now..
"Wait, is that Evenly?"
Charles, the director asked, he removed his glasses to really confirm
"My God! done..!she is really the lead actress we need"
Tears flowed from Benita eyes, she had practiced day and night for that role,
"Welcome to spotlight, the movie is actually titled SPOTLIGHT, its a romantic and ambitious movie..you would be taking this Romantic movie with Simon" The director announced.. Her eyes widened
Really? Oh you must be kidding..
News spread like wildfire, Eve even had to dodge the media at times, she couldn't believe what was happening
"How do you feel doing a romantic movie with the great Simon..the lover boy"
A reporter asked when he and his team had successfully cornered her..
Lover boy ke? If only they knew the so called lover boy..
"Emmm, I feel great"
Ok she wasn't feeling great at all, a romantic movie means they would and must share thousands of kisses, hugs and all the smooching needed..and yet she is not allowed the fall for him, now she understood the gravity of the task..she was having second thoughts now
"You know its surprising how you popped out of nowhere to become a star..where are you from?"
A question she didn't really want to answer, thank God Bruno came to her rescue..but later that day, she could read all her life history on the internet, with the school she attended..everything!
She gasped
"Bruno? Are you seeing this??"
Bruno laughed
"It's just a start my dear, you are star now, be expecting lots of these"
You know for a week no one has really tutored her on how to really get close to Simon.. And Simon, well she had not even seen him for weeks..was she supposed to change him thru their movie together..OK maybe that's it, if she fails the money is not refundable anyway..until Bruno burst her bubbles
"You would be moving into the mansion with Simon?"
Her heart stopped for a while, and picked up its beat uncontrollably..
Her eyes widened, she was now thinking of the million possible ways Simon might oppress her
"Don't worry, he can't oppress you"
Bruno reassured her when he could sense what she was thinking
But then another thought came up, what if he tries to seduce her, she waved it off, she doesn't attract him so that won't be possible..
Bruno sat with her and soothed her hair..awwnn feels so good
"Don't you worry pretty, I'll be here when you need me..here is my number, call me anytime"
Wow this guy is really Romantic, her kind of guy..
"Th..thanks alot"
She offered a smile..Bruno is not that bad anyway, he is gentle, mild, oh very handsome, the typical opposite of that Simon.. He was just real..why must it be Simon she had to stay with self..
The next day she packed and stuffs as Bruno drove her to Simon's mansion.. As soon as she alighted from the car and approached the duplex..she could hear Simon thunderous voice
"You are fired!!!"
Her heart missed, she swallowed hard
"God help me"
To be Continued..
Episode 3
Simon couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Eve with her bags inside his mansion
"Grandfather's order"
Bruno spoke out before he uttered a word..he stood up and walked up to Eve, his steps sounded like loud drums in her ears till he got to her
"So you are supposed to change me? Another failure"
He laughed..
"Well I satisfy them all, so no loss"
Wait what does he mean? She turned to Bruno with a questionably face..so alot has tried and failed? She wasn't the first? And what does he mean by he satisfy them all?
She picked her bags and headed for the door immediately
"Oh another failure!"
She stopped and looked back at him..she suddenly remembered all the hurt he caused her since the very first day she met him..hmm, she had a second thought, let's make this a pay back, shall we?..since Mr Nkoli is behind her, oh my God! She would show this Simon pepper..
So yeah!..it's pay back time
"Bruno, I'll take it from here"
Bruno nodded and pecked her before he left..awwnn, this Bruno is just too sweet..she smiled at him as he made the signal
"Call me" in a whisper..
Now the battle begins..she called a maid to help her with her bags..mistakenly the maid fell, she could understand it was the sight of Simon that threatened the poor girl
"What incompetence! You are fired!"
The maid was about to go down on her knees and begged when Eve butt in
"She is not fired"
Simon's world collapsed at her statement..in his own house?
She ignored him and turned to the maid
"What's your name dear"
Eve smiled at her
"Diana, get up and help me okay?"
Diana wasn't sure if she should move a muscle when she noticed Simon's red eyes..
"I am his wife..so let's go"
Eve knew that was the only word that would boost Diana confidence
She hushed him, she has not even started and he his like this..
The next day she sat on a well designed couch, all the maids tried to signal her that it's Simon's favourite, who cares?
"What are you doing?..get out"
She didn't move..he went mad and attempted to forcefully make her get up
"Don't you dare Simon"
He stopped, where did his grandfather get this demon from..
"Breakfast is served, let's eat"
He hissed and attempted to walk out
"Maybe I should call Grand.."
She didn't drop the statement he turned and headed to the dinning table..
"Listen young man, I am in charge of this house, so it means everything goes my way"
Like she had said, its pay back time!
"You know I wonder why people see we celebrities as gods.. We are humans, we bleed, we cry..we have made mistakes, we hurt too..I just wish we could see beyond the screen and actually see us as humans with feelings"
Eve couldn't believe Simon just made such speech..he was responding to the rumour spreading all over the media that Eve lives in his mansion, and judging from the fact that they were about to start a romantic movie..someone would say they have something fishy.. Simon had it to his neck now..Eve had made live miserable for him for the past two weeks..Eve herself couldn't believe he could be this calm afterall..she made sure no one gets fired, she always shunned him when he tried to shout at anyone..She made him do house chores, cook even wash dishes..she wants to reduce his so called pride to the minimum..She disturbed him so much that she was actually having fun with it
"Oh God what is it again?"
He said when she pushed him into the pool..he wasn't laughing but she found so intriguing..
"Come on have some fun..you are too serious man"
She hit him and discovered he was so muscular..
"Stop it"
She didn't listen, she pushed him back into the pool, but this time he was smart enough to pull her with him
"You want fun? You have it"
He splashed water on her..she retaliated of course..oh my God, he laughed! And this wasn't the ones he feigned in his movies, he actually laughed for real
"Wow you are more handsome when you laugh"
The word had escaped from her mouth before she understood what she just said..his smile disappeared and he returned back to his normal state, like he had lost control minutes back
"Emm, I have to go"
"Sure sure.."
Oh my God, so awkward.. Her phone rang..jeez it was Bruno, her crush..she hurried and put on her best to meet him up..they had so much fun together, she was actually liking this Bruno.. She got home late and met the maids whispering
"One aunty came o..and said she is oga's wife, me I don't know how many wives oga has"
Diana explained to her when she asked..she gently walked into the sitting room and met both of them, Simon and the so called wife, they were at the bar, and Simon had backed her, so she couldn't see his face..the lady was sitting on his thigh..she could see the lady was having so much fun..who cares?..but then a sudden rush of jealousy filled her..she realized and cautioned herself..
"What's wrong with you Eve?"
She questioned herself..
She tiptoed so they wouldn't notice till she was safely inside her room..she could hear the lady's laughter reverberating..so she wouldn't get distracted she called Bruno..
"I'm bored"
He laughed..
"Girls are always bored why?"
Slowly her mind drifted off Simon and got engulfed with Bruno's voice.. The next morning she met him in the kitchen cooking..he could actually cook..
"so this one is not a spoilt brat" she thought
"So why won't your wife cook for you?"
She asked and averted his eyes as she opened the refrigerator to get water..not that she was actually thirsty
"Which wife?"
She barely smiled, was he trying to deny it? Maybe because he didn't know she saw them
"It's OK you can tell me about her, I won't bite"
He made a face and still couldn't figure what she was referring too
"The lady sitting on your thigh yesterday"
She didn't want to be precise but it seems he wants to make her look like she didn't understand what she saw..He laughed when she finally hit the nail..was this girl falling for him already? Wait..he asked
"So you are falling for me already? Wow that's quick"
She felt embarrassed and quickly thought of something to cover up her lapses
"Falling for who, you? You are just too cold..Bruno is preferable"
His smile vanished, what was he thinking..
So that's how she sees him? Cold and heartless? Well not that he cared anyway..
"Excuse me"
He left her in the kitchen..he left the food he was cooking..she didn't call him back because she knew she had said a little too much..
"It's his sister oh"
Diana later explained..What? She felt like slapping a tooth out Diana's mouth..
"But you said.."
Diana laughed
"That's what he calls her, that's what we all call her"
She held her head, she couldn't believe she had said that to him..how embarrassing..
The next morning she dodge out of the house to collect her script for the movie..she was told to get her bags ready for a trip to Abuja, where they would start the movie..
She came back and noticed the house was cold
"Oga's father came around"
Was that supposed to mean anything? Until she remembered Bruno had earlier explained how his father locked him up in a cupboard for days years back..
She dropped her bag and hurried to his room, it was dark already and as she approached the room she could hear him screaming..
"Let me out!"
It was a nightmare, she hurried and held him..he jumped up in fear
"It's OK, its me..am here..I won't leave you"
To be continued..


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