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Eve hopes had dropped a little lesser than before, this was another audition she was trying out to at least get a role in any movie at all, her dreams was to be a lead actress but with the look of things she wouldn't mind if she just gets 'the amebo group' at least its something
She walked into the audition hall and waited in line just like the others, she was now praying for forgiveness of all the sins she had committed, maybe that was a stumbling block too..her eyes caught his poster, the man of her dreams, Simon.. He was beyond rich and was greatly influential, but her attraction to this guy was the way he acts, he had all the money but he still take time to act movies, and she was ready to buy every movie he is featured even with her tfare, she wouldn't mind trekking home.. All the movies he acted, he was this sweet loving, gentle lover..oh what a man, if she could just have a guy like that, all these small boys of our times don't even know how to love..But, am thinking there is a big difference between a movie and reality..
Simon, well a maid just cried out of his Duplex because she didnt kneel before she greeted him..A proud, heartless soul..he got any script he wanted, the directors had no choice, he was a good actor they just allow him..
"Get my car keys"
He ordered when he got out from his Duplex..Damn this guy was too slow, so when he got back
"You're fired"
Straight to the poor boys face..another one would come nah..Stephen would do that
"Stephen get me another smart one"
A body guard he couldnt shake off, that his fearsome grandfather made it so..
"And those girls in the guest room, give them each 200thousand, and please make sure they disappear before I come back"
oops! Another thing, he was a flirt..
But no one could deny the fact that he was extremely handsome, so at least two ladies for every night
"Evelyn onyiye"
She hurried up on stage to face them
"Compose yourself, you can do this"
Her mind warned her before she acted like they instructed her to
"We'll get back to you"
The disappointing word she always heard from all her auditions, well of course she knew they never get back to her, so let's say it's another jam rock
She didn't wait, she bowed her head and found her way thru the back door, only to bump into Simon, her mister perfect
"What the, Stephen get this piece of rag of my face"
What? Her initial Joy faded
And so, a long complicated story, starts today..
Life can really play tricks on you sometimes, just as it was for Eve..was this the man of her dreams or an imposter?
"Am am sorry, I didn't mean..
"Sorry?? Sorry?? You ruined my suit worth more than your life and you are sorry?..Stephen get this trash before i fire you!"
Okay she was sorry for bumping into him, but these insults was something she couldnt bare
"It's like you are mentally disordered"
Stephen steps froze as he approached her, it was like the moment froze..the shock was written on both Stephen's and Simon's..no one on the surface of the earth had dared to look at him eyeball to eyeball and this one did not just stand up to him but insulted him
Eve had to ask
"Are you both OK?..like for real check yourself Simon whatever..a psychiatric hospital is really affordable these days"
Jesus Christ! Simon burned in flames, he couldn't just let her go like that
"Stephen you are watching that slut go?"
Stephen hurried after her and held her by her shoulder..actually if only he knew she was the top in her judo class, plus she knows how to defend herself.. she flung him over her shoulder like a piece of rag, he landed hard on the floor
Oh my God! Simon couldn't believe he had trusted this incompetent body guard with his life
"You're fired!!!!!"
"Am sorry sir but only your grandfather can fire me"
Stephen replied when he had successfully recovered..Simon called his grandfather immediately..
"See..he says you're fired..leave my sight this instant!"
An hour later a new body guard arrived..
Simon entered the hall and called for the director
"Who is that girl?"
He had to describe for over 30minutes
"Oh, Evelyn emmm"
"Whatever her name is just call her up, she has been selected"
Ahn ahn, just like that?
"By who...sir"
He had to stress the sir part when Simon give him that look
"Ok sir"
Eve got home, she couldn't believe that guy, he was a total fraud..she deleted his picture she had downloaded on her phone, the posters she had kept..so all the movies he acted was what? He was just acting?
"Aunty the landlord came by today"
Her younger brother informed her..it was just 3 siblings and her mother, living in a single room, and come to think of it, she is a graduate..she needed money, urgently
Her phone rang just before she thought of anything to stall the landlord for at least a week..so she could rally round and see what she can get..
"Evelyn, you made it, you've been selected, please come around tomorrow"
She leaped for Joy that the whole compound had to gather around and see if something bad had happened. They would never understand..Her mom came back home and met her dancing.
"Eve, what's wrong with you?"
Well, parenting issue wasnt friendly to her, the woman she called her mother was not really her biological mother, and yet she stuck with her..however madalene her foster mother has never seized to make life miserable for her, her father was her initial saviour, but now he is gone beyond where humans can reach.
Though she passed thru hell, she struggled on her own to go thru school, even when she had opportunities to find her life somewhere else, she remained with the woman she called her mother
"The landlord came today so get money for the house rent"
Eve nodded, of course madalene never cares where she got the money from, it wasn't her business, just let the money come
"Cook something for me and the children, I am hungry"
Like she had dropped money for feeding, like she had ever cared how she made every meal.
Despite all these, she loved her mother still
The next day she put on the best cloth she could find..she stared at the mirror, she wasn't pleased with what she saw, its been months she plaited her hair, she looked shabby..anyway, who cares?
She braced herself and hurried to "spotlight film production limited" she didn't want to be late at all
"I've you heard?..Simon has bought this film house worth millions"
The Amebo group she passed whispered and she could hear them.
Why would Simon do that? Well he had the money so it had nothing to do with her
Wait, she stopped halfway, if Simon has bought the house, that means he is the boss now..and she answers to him..oh no
"Everyone gather around, we are shooting a film now..you all would try out this role and we would pick the best"
The director informed and instructed everyone to sit and start one after the other
Eve was first to step on stage, unfortunately her worst nightmare showed up..
"Do it again"
Simon instructed.. She sighed and acted again
"Bark like a dog"
He instructed again..what?..it took her a while but she did it anyway..others had to giggle at the scene
It went on till towards noon..no one could say a word
"What's this? Sir?..I am here to act"
She had to speak up..he laughed
"You don't get it do you?..you are here so I can make your life miserable..if you're tired, you go"
She smiled
"Well its game on sir"
To be Continued..


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