Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Kunle Smith Episode 7

Like a crazed person I ran for cover but my little shed wasn’t going to hold any more. the bullets were too much for it, and they flew everywhere so much so that the air smelled like burning lead and taking deep breaths leave a metallic taste in your mouth, me with no gun and no way to get one even from the dead guys was left with no other option but to make a run for it, live to fight another day ‘ was what don piccolo also taught me, so i scanned around for means of escape and fortunately for me my car was there the one I used to come here, it was parked across the road, I counted down from three and then made a run for it. I ran like mad… bullets weezed past my ears and over my head and by some kind of miracle I got to my car, I started it immediately and started to drive away from there as fast as I can, but I didn’t think I had driven far when heard a sudden BOOOOOM! my car shuddered then reverberated and was sent flying up into the air from the force of what hit me which I believed was a grenade fired from a grenade launcher. I crashed into a building, I crawled out of the car, the back of it had been blown away and I had a shrapnel fastened to my feet it had cut deeply and I was imploding with pain, I heard multiple footsteps the were already at the entrance of the building, I looked around to take in the details of the building to find out what i can use. It was an abandoned manufacturing company and I found a whole rack of propane gas, salt, bags of industrial nails everything I need to make all things bright and beautiful, wasting no Time i began to cook mixing stuff adding stuff then I got buckets about six and filled them with my concoction. After that I emptied a bag of nails on each bucket to cause maximum damage. Then I arranged the buckets around where I want most of Don piccolo’s men to be (why do I still call him Don when the man is trying to kill me). with a trip wire I rigged a make shift trigger switch. my leg was exploding with pain all the while but I couldn’t let that stop me now can I. Taking a deep breathe I limped back down stairs to where the Don’s men are to lure them to my trap, on reaching ground level, I saw that they had already been searching room to room on the ground floor looking for me, i stalked behind the nearest one who was alone and isolated from the rest of them. With swift movement, I locked my arm around his neck and squeezed tight till I broke it, he died without making a sound. I quickly grabbed his gun and fired at the Don’s men, I killed some and made the rest angry but my objective was completed, I got their attention, so I moved on to stage two : run like hell, I ran like a one legged mad man running for his life, which if you look closely at it, I actually am.
When I got to the trap room I hid myself in the only place in the room that would be protected from the bomb’s blast and waited till all of Don piccolo’s men were inside the room… It was a big room so it accommodated all of them. “what’s this in the buckets?” I heard one of them ask “looks like some kind of chemical” another one replied, guess one of them must have seen the wires because I suddenly heard one yell EVERYONE OUT! IT’S A TRA- too late I thought then, as I pressed the bomb trigger and following that action was a resounding thunderous BOOOOOOOOOM!!! That shook the entire building. I waited for about two minutes then came out of hiding to see over twenty-five dead men in the room, the air had burned out so I rushed out of the place limping to get fresh air cos I couldn’t breathe in there. I had hoped Don piccolo was among the dead but I know better than to hope for such, because Don piccolo is the most cautious man I know, he sits back and waits and listens for the perfect time to strike. lesson number 4 know your enemy, he had said to me. If I know Don piccolo, now would be the perfect time for him to strike, I’m weak, wounded(and have lost a lot of blood) , exhausted and out of tricks, he can easily walk in and beat me to death and I won’t even be able to raise a finger to defend myself. And right as rain the Don came into view clapping “whoa! Kunle you really are a force of nature” he said “all those men I brought here, you took them all out, You look tired though, hope you still have enough fight in you to face me.” with laboured breath I replied “you shot that little girl and for that am going to kill you.” “weren’t you going to kill her yourself? I was there, I watched, I simply helped you do what you you wanted to do, cause pain to your enemy. ” the Don said. “I wasn’t gonna kill her I never would, am not a monster like you” I told him and he laughed “haha ha, no you are not a monster, look around you, the dead bodies in your wake… You’re what monsters fear” he took off his clothes and bullet proof vest then said “come boy, meet your Doom!”
Enraged I charged at him yelling Aaaaaaargh as I threw a punch at him with all the force I could muster behind it. But he caught it with his hands saying “was that how I thought you to punch, like a little girl, am betting your sister packs a good punch than you… Hahaha”. “you talk to much” I said as I threw another punch but he deflected it easily. Then he punched me, his fist felt like hammer and again and again he rained blows on me, i felt like I was dying, I tried blocking his attacks but it was no use, tried running away but he caught me and slammed me through a glass window, he picked me up like I weighed nothing and then used my head to shatter a wooden box. Why did I try to fight him I asked myself, this guy is twice my size, stronger in every way, hell he taught me all I know, this is a hardened criminal that spent most of his life in prison, even If I was in good condition, i have no chance of beating him in a one on one confrontation.
When he was done beating me to stupor, he brought out a curved knife from his pocket and asked “do you know what this is” I knew what it was, I’ve seen him use it before on people he wanted to kill slowly and painfully but I couldn’t answer cos all my body was in an unimaginable pain “it’s my spleen knife” he explained “I use it to cut out people’s spleen, a spleen can’t be replaced or stitched back together so you just bleed out and die in the most slow and painful way imaginable.” After that not so helpful explanation, he lifted me with one hand and with the knife on the other he stabbed me, tracing the knife across my belly till he cut out my spleen… I thought I knew pain, but everything I knew about pain was thrown out the window when he cut out my spleen, I cried out so loud i drowned every other noise, and he dropped me and said “for putting me through all this trouble, the little girl you didn’t want to kill will die along with the rest of her family by my hand, go and spend the rest of eternity in hell knowing that you brought this on her and her innocent mother” and that, dear reader, was where he Bleep*d up. Telling me he was gonna kill little vera awakened a new kind of power in me the one I should have sought all those years ago instead of the fake power of hate, offence and anger I searched for instead. The power of love, love enough to forgive the offence of others, the power little vera taught me by forgiving me for trying to kill her and her Father, I felt it when she hugged me as tight as she could when I promised I wouldn’t hurt her. That love for her that wanted me to protect her gave me the strength I needed to get up as Don piccolo turned his back on me, pick up a sharp thick iron that was on the floor limped quietly behind him and stabbed him in the chest with all my might aiming for his heart and from the sudden gush of blood on his mouth, I guess I hit home, I twisted to make sure, then said to him “you will not lay one finger on that little girl… go to hell before me, be my Herald and announce to everyone you see there that, tell them : kunle Smith is coming.” he died before he hit the ground. I looked around at all the carnage and fell too. I wasn’t supposed to end like this I thought …
To be continued…


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