Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Kunle Smith Episode 6

About a month ago Don piccolo escaped from prison, he was supposed to have gotten out six months earlier but his brother whom he trusted with the key part of his plan didn’t show, had he abandoned him he thought, if he had, he promised himself that when he finally got out he would kill him for fuckin’ up his escape plan by bailing out on him. Now that he’s out he is going to pay his brother a visit and whether he lives or dies will depend on the reason his brother was going to give him for not showing up. That’s why it is good to always have a plan B he thought; plan A 80% of the time always fails. He got to their home town, to their house. The gates was smashed in, everything was in ruins and there was a truck that was driven straight into his brother’s workshop. He lived alone on the outskirts of the village and because of the criminal life he led he didn’t relate much with the villagers, so it is possible nobody knows that what happened here has happened here. That’s why the whole thing has been left the way it is since it happened. Taking in the severity of the destruction that befell the house he was thinking that some rival gang got to him, they are going to pay he thought to himself as he walked to the front of the truck that was driven into the work shop. There he saw the corpse of his dead brother shrunken, decomposed, pinned to the wall almost splitting in half by the truck and on him sticking out of the pocket of the shirt he was wearing were withered rotten flowers. It was then he realized who killed his brother. for he himself was the one that had told him to drop flowers for his sister after each kill,… So my brother Rukewe was the mysterious driver that killed his sister, he thought. if he recalled correctly, he had told him ‘the driver was driving Without headlights.’
To avoid unwanted police attention when transporting drugs, Rukewe always drove without headlights.
It made him almost invisible to police checkpoints.
It’s a revenge killing and it’s understandable but then again family is family it wouldn’t be right to just let Rukewe’s killer go free. ‘If anything it would encourage my enemies to start targeting my family for they would perceive me to be weak,’ he thought. He brought out his phone and dialed a number, “hello, Osaro, you they monitor that guy way I ask you to monitor for me” “yes” “good, where im dey now?” “Martinsville” “send me the exact location of the place wey Im dey” he ended the call and then dialed another number…. “The Don” said a voice from the other end of the line “Onome how far, I want make you gather everybody prepare them for battle then make una meet me for one address wey I go text you for Martinsville” don piccolo ordered. “By your command my Don but forgive me for asking, which group we wan hit” and Don piccolo replied “no be any group we they go after, na just one man….” “just one guy, na just one guy go make us need everybody?” asked the guy at the end of the line. “he killed my brother, I wan make am suffer before e die” Don piccolo said. “abeg na who be the unfortunate guy?” asked the guy on the phone. And the Don replied “…. Kunle Smith”
(back to the present to kunle narrating his story… Please Note that the actions within the *** happened in slow motion)
*** Don piccolo just shot William’s daughter, I was screaming noooooooooooooo as I held little Vera, William was running over to where we are and four other men with guns were coming out of the car Don piccolo was standing near***
When William came over I handed vera to him, he sobbed “vera, Vera no, no, no, no please baby stay with me stay with me. You are going to be fine” and he grabbed her from me. Thank God she’s alive I thought, I hadn’t checked but William did. “get her away from here, get her to a hospital, it’s about to get shitty and you don’t want to be here for that” he nodded and carried her off, then I turned to Don piccolo, with all the rage that surged inside of me I could only manage one word at that moment : “why?” I asked. “Don’t make me repeat myself, I told you she was in my way” Don replied. “why are you targeting me” I asked. “You killed my brother kunle,” Don piccolo said. “Who the Bleep’s your brother?” I replied. “oh you don’t know…? Let me give you a hint…. you ran him through with a truck in his own house,” poo, I exclaimed in my mind… The driver I knew the f----r looked familiar, but how could he have known it was me I asked my self “I saw the flowers in his pocket, the same flowers were found on the bodies of the the guys you killed in vengeance, I monitored your movements ever since you got out, your work… it was flawless, couldn’t be more proud… The people called you entropy it’s the term used to describe the end of evolution which is death.” “I know” I interrupted, but he ignored me and continued “everyone you hit were all evolving promising people, from the governorship candidate of the NCPP to the ceo of Acrifone Corp. All met their end at your hands… I was gonna recruit you into my organization but you had to go and kill my brother, so now I’m going to have to kill you.” okay… that explains how he knew it was me and how he found me, I thought. “you know why I had to kill your brother, he was the driver that ran over my sister ” I said to him. “It doesn’t matter” he replied, “it’s time you died, kill him” he ordered his men.
And his men opened fire, they were using automatics so it was rapidly firing which made it feel like the shots were coming from everywhere, following pure instincts I quickly dove for cover behind a big metal sherd that was near by, I checked my gun magazine, there was only six bullets left. I let out a deep breath closed my eyes and tried to recall what I saw before diving for cover: there are four guys and Don piccolo, ‘okay 5 people six bullets gotta make it count’ I said to myself. I waited till they had exhausted all the bullets in their guns and was starting to reload before I made my move, as I emerged from under my cover, I shot the first guy in the chest, the second in the head and the third in face and the fourth on his chests too, they all dropped then I turned to Don piccolo and I shot him two times in his stomach and chests and he fell, “it’s over” I said as I began to walk over to him, he laughed “he hehe, really…? Have you learned nothing from all I thought you ?” Don piccolo grunted as he got up, he turned to face me, “what is lesson number 2” he asked, “be prepared for anything” I replied. “good” he replied then patted his chest, and said “military grade bullet proof vest , there ain’t none of your bullets that’s gonna get past this” looking at his dead men I told him “you know, if you really wanted to kill me you should have brought more men” “oh I did, they were simply running late” as he finished talking five more jeeps parked and about six men came out of it all of them with big guns “rule number one kunle never under estimate the enemy, always go at them with all you’ve got, light him up boys” he ordered his men, about 30 in all opened fire on me!
To be continued


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