Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Kunle Smith Episode 5

She nodded and started for the stairs, the all of a sudden turned and ran to her father, spreading her arms over him, tears rolling out of her eyes she started pleading “please don’t kill my dad, I know he did something bad to me in his dream but I have already forgiven him, please forgive him too, he won’t hurt dream me again” “dream you?” I asked a bit confused, “for as long as I can remember, daddy would wake up most nights crying and apologising to dream me saying ‘I am sorry vera, it’s my fault, it’s all my fault…’ but I didn’t tell him I always hear those things because I was afraid he would cry, I hate to see him cry. ” she pleaded. “your daddy did a very bad thing, the dreams he has are not about you but my sister Vera. She was about your age and your daddy and his friends killed her.” i explained though I knew it was a complete waste of time. “but please don’t kill him” she said oblivious to what I just said about her dad. ” I don’t expect you to understand but your father Is somebody I’m going to kill” and with that I Lost my patience so I grabbed her “hey leave her alone, let her go!” William said as he tried to wrestle her from my grip. Pointing the gun at him I shouted “you stay put… You! Stay! Fuckin! Put! You move a muscle and i will kill you and your family” so I dragged her to the nearest room and locked her in it she was screaming DADDY! DADDY! DADDY! RUN AWAY DON’T LET HIM KILL YOU! As I was securing the locked door from the corner of my eyes I saw William pick up a base bat then came at me with it screaming LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE IT’S ME YOU WANT! He swung with all his might and it caught my right side, breathe escaped my lungs from the pain but I didn’t let up, I dodged his second swing and caught the third, with swift reflexive movement I disarmed him and then punched him hard on the stomach. He fell sprawled on the floor. All the while his daughter was crying and screaming so loud I thought the house was gonna explode “vera honey” , he said as I dragged him outside “cover your ears, and close your eyes, everything is going to be okay,” I took him out the back yard left him on his knees, cocked the gun then pointed it at his head. His daughter climbed out the window of the room I locked her in, didn’t know it faced the back yard she came and knelt down pleading and crying, begging me to not kill her dad. “you don’t have to do this, not in front of her” , William said… “shut up, not a word from you, just shut the Bleep up, 8 years William, 4 years in the streets and 4 years in prison, the one thing that kept me going was the thought of killing you, but I see killing you won’t be enough to make you feel the pain I felt, you seem to care more for your daughter than yourself, to really cause you to despair killing you won’t be enough, you were already prepared to die but if I killed your precious daughter and wife your whole world will come crashing down” I said. “then whose the monster now” William asked “what are you talking about” “you called me a monster for causing the death of your sister, now here you are threatening to kill an innocent little girl just to get back at her father, tell me who is the monster now!” William was right, consumed by my hunger for vengeance I became the very monsters I always thought William and his gang were. “I have to do this, if I don’t vera won’t rest in peace” I said with tears rolling down my eyes,, “you are the one that’s not letting her rest in peace, by holding on to her in the wrong way, you keep her memories in your mind, instead of in your heart. it’s good to cherish the memories of our lost loved ones in our heart but it is equally dangerous to hold on to them in our minds.”
I turned to look at his daughter once more and for a split second I thought I saw my sister in her… This was the exact manner in which vera pleaded for me, why am I making an innocent little girl go through the same pain I asked myself . As she was pleading I saw blood start to trickle down her nose “w-wh-whats wrong with her I didn’t touch her” I fretfully asked “she has collapsing liver, the doctor gave her five months, and aside from the fact that we don’t have the money for such operation she has refused to let both me and her mother to donate our livers for her, ‘my parents shouldn’t die because I was born sick’ she always said” replied William. Weeping he continued “you think I am not paying for my sins, well look around you and think again… I am ready to die all I ask is that you give me time to be with her all through the little time she has, then you can come back, I am not gonna run. If there is anything I’ve learned in this life : it’s that you can’t outrun the past, whatever you did in it, good or evil, will still catch up with you”. Lowering my gun I turned to William’s daughter and said “I’m sorry I scared you, I’m sorry that I seemed like a monster to you, I am not a monster, I will never be and I promise I would never hurt you in anyway even if that means not killing your evil dad” I smiled, she did too and then she did a most surprising thing: she hugged me strangely It kind of felt like how Vera my sister used to and then she said “Thank you”. BAAANG! the little girl jerked, her eyes widened, her Pupils slipped into her skull and then she became very still, warm wetness filled my hands, I pulled it out and it was covered in blood, Vera’s blood, she had been shot. I looked up at the direction the sound came from and I saw a black jeep, standing beside the Jeep with a hunting riffle was a huge tall man I recognized instantly as Don Piccolo. “Oops, I missed” he growled “I was aiming at you… kunle”.
To be continued


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