Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Kunle Smith Episode 4

It was raining and William was sitting by the fire, staring into it… He seemed lost in thought. I knocked “Who is it?” his voice called from inside. “delivery for William Amadi” I lied, to get him to open the door but to myself I thought, yeah delivery of bullets in your skull, at least two in your head, one in your stomach, three to your chest…. I had already imagined how I was going to kill him. I heard footsteps come towards the door, When he opened the door I saw him clearly for the first time since that night: he looked different, more reformed… He is not the William I pictured. An anger burned inside of me, how can he be at peace and live comfortably with all the things he had done. He recognized me I noticed, there was fear in his eyes but he was strangely calm “come in” he said. “good thing I didn’t have to introduce myself, I must say though that you’re a hard man to find, I had almost given up on you… But even the universe did not want you to go unpunished for your sins. That’s why you were delivered to me. You must know why am here don’t you” I asked him and he replied “yes, how could I forget such a night, I have always known you would come for me one day. I heard the vow you made to your sister, Vera.” “you know her name” I noted “the others didn’t even remember her; not until I had to painfully remind them”. “the others, Seun and the rest?” he said as if he had only just realized that he wasn’t alone that night. “yes, they are dead all of them. And it’s time for you to join them” I said “I understand” he replied. Although there was still fear in his eyes, he looked calm, he wasn’t like the others, he was ready for me to kill him, but why is he afraid then I asked myself. “Daddy?” an unexpected voice called from behind me. A child, a little girl, “I heard talking, I couldn’t sleep” the child was complaining. William replied “it’s okay, sweetie, daddy was just talking with his friend here who came to visit, go back to your room, I promise we will be more quiet”. I stood there transfixed, staring at the little girl, my hate for William kept me focused on him. It had not allowed me to take in the details of my surroundings. I did and I noticed the pictures on the wall; William and his family, his wife and this girl, their daughter, then it hit me: the fear in his eyes wasn’t for himself, it was for his family. He saw me looking at the pictures and said “I want you to meet my daughter, Vera.” “Vera” I repeated, “after her?” “yes, that night I didn’t want all that happened to happen, it was the first time that I saw something like that, I’ve seen people die but to see someone die like that much less a child up close, that was my first and it was something I never want to see again. But when the others fled into different directions, I made myself come back to look very closely at what had happened to show myself that what happened was my fault and mine only and thats when I heard the vow you made to vera.” he said. “you got that right” I told him, then continued “the others, when I found them, they had delved deeper lnto crime but you seem, different, what happened?”
He sat down, I did too, his daughter vera walked over to him and placed herself around his arms. “He found me” he said pointing to a picture of an old man on the wall. “Pa John, he was a preacher. After that night the group went back to normal, they didn’t care, to them people die everyday and vera’s death was one of the normalcy of life but to me it was my fault, because of that guilt, I left the group, but the guilt remained and for years it ate at me, I lost a lot of myself, I felt empty, less than alive, and one day I decided to end it all and thats when the preacher Pa John found me, He stopped me and took me in and I told him my story, then he told me something that changed my life for ever, he said ‘in life there are about five events that shape the course of a person’s fate, four of those five are as a result of the choices we make and the decisions we take. But there comes one ultimate choice, we are given at our weakest and most vulnerable moment that not only shapes your fate but the fate of the world at large. You can choose to let your guilt eat you up from the inside out or you can convert it to a conviction to never let anyone in your circumstances destroy himself or anyone else. You can choose to become an example of man’s ability to conquer darkness or you can choose to be the guy that let his darkness engulf and destroy him.’ so I made a choice. I chose to be the example he believed I could be. I made my peace with your sister, though I never forgot her and then moved on, we went on missionaries together, he would preach and I would tell them my life story and it helped. When Pa John died, I continued but not as a preacher, I became a motivational speaker, started to speak at gatherings and meetings, I helped a lot of people change their lives for the better. It was on one such meetings that I met my wife and together we got this beautiful girl you see here. The rest as people say is history” he concluded.
… “where is your wife” I asked. “she’s at work, she’s a nurse at the city hospital”. His story was good, but I have been nursing a hate and anger which have now mixed together to evolve into something else for this man for eight years. Such a feeling doesn’t go away with one story, I am still going to kill him I decided. He can’t be alive while vera is still dead, no matter how many veras he calls his kids it won’t replace my dead sister “send her away” i ordered him “you don’t want her to see this”. I brought out my gun and began to fix in its silencer. “vera honey, I want you to go up to your room” “what’s going on, why does your friend want to kill you.. Daddy?!” little vera asked, “vera go upstairs and lock your room, mommy will be back soon, everything is going to be fine”…. William assured his daughter.
To be continued


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