Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Kunle Smith Episode 3

“Aaagh please beg you, I know n’ting I swear! William just dissappeard on us few weeks after that business with your sister, no calls, no text, no nothing, it’s like the muthaf*** just cut us off, tis all i know I swear… please don’t kill me ” the last guy on my list of revenge killings cried out after I had cut off his feet and hands. It was the same thing he said when I asked nicely so I believed him. Raising my gun to his head, he begged me not kill him, bewildered I asked “dude, how exactly do you hope to live a fulfilling life with your hands and feet gone”. Do not wound who you are not going to kill Don piccolo had warned. There was absolutely no way I was going to let him live, so I shot him, multiple times and he died. I guess that about wraps it up, i thought to myself self… I give up, William whom I’ve wasted considerable amount of money to search for may already be dead, it’s the only logical explanation for my lack of results and if he isn’t I hope he dies. One last job, something simple but enough to help get away as far as I can from this place and all its bad memories and start over was all I needed .
For a year I laid low moved underground, waiting to get a contract call which be my ticket out of the city which didn’t come until summer that year. “hello, is this Smith’s do it all consultancy” “yeah, Smith speaking”. “got a job for you, how fast can you get to Martinsville” “uuuh two hours” “good, I will be expecting you. I went to Martinsville, met my client. “you want me to what!” I exclaimed a bit annoyed at his job proposition. “I know it’s not your Forte but you are the only one I can trust to do this for me, i know my wife cheats on me, hell the whole fuckin’ town knows, but I need Hard proof to present to the court” how could she not I thought, you look like a cross between a walrus, a worm and a shark. ” look sir” I said out loud, “I know my business card says do it all, but I don’t get involved in this kind of jobs, I major in captains of industries, CEOs, Politicians.” “I know, your reputation precedes you, that’s why you are perfect for this Job. You are very thorough and my wife covers her tracks well”. I replied “sorry sir am gonna have decline this contract”. sighing deeply he said “look I will pay the exact amount it would cost you to do one of your hits, money is not a problem for me, she wants a divorce and if she gets it on her own terms, the court will give her half my assets and I am as sure as hell not ready to give that woman a single kobo.” I did not really want to do it, but there is the irresistable amount of money to consider so finally I replied “fine, I’ll do it”, how hard can it be to take a few pictures. ” I am going to need 80% of my money deposited up front”. “Done” he assured. Three days later, pictures of his wife and her lover sleeping together were with me and are on their way to my client. Showing it to him I said “There you go, full proof of your wife’s infidelity, now you can divorce her with rest of mind knowing that she won’t be getting anything.” “I don’t want to divorce her” he said, I could sense the cold fury in his voice. “I want you to kill her, and that ruddy lover of hers” . He was hurt by looking at the pictures, “did you know I picked her up from the slums, from nothing I made her the woman she is, sent her siblings out of the country to study, established her father, built a big house for her mother, gave her everything she wanted in this world and this is how she repays my love! ” he tore in half the photo he was holding, ” I want you to kill her for me ” he really loved her, men like him, in his state of mind would kill me if I refused. At the same time would agree to anything to get their wishes carried out. ” killing is gonna cost extra. In the next three days you will hear from me, until then, I want you to act normal, go to functions, act as if you are on the best terms with her, buy her gifts, you make sure you look like everything is normal, not too happy, not too sad, just be you till you hear from me three days from now”. “Understood” he assured me. Three days later, I followed her to a local hotel, where she met her lover. I followed them up to their room to get their room number, then I went back down to the bar, after about an hour I went back up straight to their room, as I got close I could hear moans of pleasure coming from within. It’s the Las of those you will be getting, I thought to myself as I slowly and quietly opened the door. I stalked in, they were both clothed but entangled in romance with each other . Just getting started are we, I thought to myself but aloud I said “sorry to cut your little play Time short but I’ve got a plane to catch, so am kind of on the clock here.” the woman said to me “do you know who I am, my husband will find you, and make you wish you were never born, leave now and and I will forget any of this ever happened.” laughing at her weak threats, I replied “sorry to bust your bubble honey but, your loving husband is the one that wants you dead” her Face dawned a look of horror” Don’t tell me he- he-“, “yeah he knows you are, cheating on him” I helped complete her sentence. “he has asked me to come show you how he feels about it” and with that I shot Her, she dropped dead. Then i turned to the guy she was with, his phone started to ring. ” a word of advice” I said to him “in your next life, cut your bloody coat according to your size” BANG! BANG! I shot him too and he crumpled. Called my client, “it’s done” i told him. From here I thought to myself, It’s straight to the airport to catch my plane and fly to somewhere far far away, where I can forget about this life and the misery it brought me. I had given up on finding William, he has gone to wind… Hope he is dead, I thought. Then the ringing from earlier went into voice-mail and I could not believe what I heard, I was making my way to the door but I was stopped in my tracks : William’s voice was coming from the phone…. There is no mistaking it, it was his voice “hello Gbenga, you there, pick up dammit, your sister is worried about you, Gbenga! Gbenga! Are you with that woman again, Gbenga, I warn you, that woman will be the death of you one day, you know her husband is a dangerous man. Call me immediately you get this” I stood there in excilliration, just when I had given up on him the universe delivers him on a platter to me, couldn’t thank fate6 enough, I picked up the phone of dead Gbenga, called some people who helped me run a trace on the number that called and within days, I was at William’s house. A pretty innocent place for a monster like him, I thought. Peering through the window I saw him, WILLIAM : the source of all my hatred for the better part of eight years was before my eyes and nothing was gonna stop me from killing him…. Or so I thought.
To be continued


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