Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Kunle Smith Episode 2

After taking down the driver, Tracking down the first guy from the gang of six that attacked Vera and I was easy as pie, his name was Seun. He leads a gang of his own now. He was very loud in carrying out his operations. All i had to do was follow his trail of bloody robberies. Finally I caught up with him at a run down bar, and luckily for me he was sitting in the bar with another member from the group of six that attacked Vera and I; good dead man, saved me the trouble of finding him I thought as I strolled up to their table and sat with them. Every night for the past eight years, I dreamt of that unfortunate incident. So it’s impossible to forget their faces, no matter how much time may change them, they will still look the same to me : six boys that must die by my hand. “Find another table” Seun, the one I tracked said to me. “why… this one’s got plenty of space” I said. “Don’t you know who we are boy, who I am?”, he asked. And I replied “I do, it’s why am here, I have come to kill you”. At my last words recognition dawned on their faces. The other one quickly went straight for his gun but before he could pull it out, I had already brought mine out. I was fast and ready, I shot the guy two times: on his chest and on his jaw. He died before he hit the ground. Seun just recovering from the shock of what he was seeing reached for his own gun, while his hand was still in his pocket I stabbed it through to his thighs pinning it painfully in place. “aaaaargh!” he screamed, pointing my gun at him, I said “you are only still alive because of the information I need from you. Now am going to ask you only once, if you answer me too slowly I will shoot out your two eyes”. He pleaded “anything, I will tell you anything please don’t kill me”. “I want the names and addresses of the rest of your group From that night”. He was quick to divulge the information of the remaining members. Except for the leader, whom he swears that he has no information on his whereabouts for years, after I shot his ankles and knees. He told me his name was William and he left them shortly after the incident. Imagine fate I thought to myself, all the the rest was delivered into my hands easily except for the one I really want to kill.
Falling broke I decided to go professional, since I was really good at finding people and killing them… why not make money off it I told myself, to fund my mission and (if I got really lucky) find something that will lead me to the main person i want to kill: William, the guy that led the group that got my sister killed. So in between my personal revenge kills, I would take random jobs Like taking out coperate heads or politicians by finding dirt on them and sometimes (if you paid well) I would kill them. For two years I did this and in those two years, I rounded Up the killing of the remaining members of the gang of six that killed vera. It was frustrating to track down these guys and kill them but what is more frustrating is the fact that I still have nothing on William, no whereabouts, no links not even a mention it was almost like he ceased to exist, no one in the underground network has any information on him… Thought it was funny, fate playing a cruel joke on me. The one guy I want to kill is the one guy I can’t find.
To be continued


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