Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Kunle Smith Episode 1

Some wise guy or something, I’m not good with their names I just take their words to mind.
A professional “do it all” consultant. From finding missing persons or object to high profile assassination; I’m the guy to call. Been in the business for a while, so on my worst days I’m am considered an experienced professional and on my best days I am a bleeding expert.
My name is Kunle Smith and as I lie down here in a pool of my own blood waiting for death’s cold embrace, I cannot help but ask the question : HOW THE Bleep DID IT COME TO THIS.
To answer my question I thought back to when it all started to go wrong… The very beginning : Apologies in advance for the gritty nature of what I am about to tell you. Some of us had it rough in the origin department…
It’s a Cinderella story really, I was the unplanned fifth of five boys left to fend for myself after my mom died giving birth to number six, the only girl, Vera. The only good thing I had, brothers had all gone off and wound up dead or in jail where they wound up dead anyway and my father buries himself deep in liquor ever since my mum died, hardly gives us the time of day. “I’m hungry!” Vera would yell when she couldn’t hold it in anymore. My father would throw an empty bottle at her as he growled his usual response “be glad I give you a pilow to sleep and a roof over your head, you want something to eat, work it out for yourself.” crying she would beg to go out with me and I would take her. She was special, did all I could to protect her, but really she was the one always taking care of me. Because when she started to put on her lonely lost child act in the center of a town the attention of all the bleeding hearts in the town focuses on her and while they were busy trying to comfort her, I would slowly creep behind them, help myself to all the fancibles and valuables in their pockets and be gone before they realise it. We were happy until one faithful day…. We had a great run, plenty of loose wallets in heaping pile, we were planning on how to go about our spending. “Let’s get ice cream” Vera was saying, when they showed up. About six guys none of them was over twenty by the looks of them but they were all bigger than me. ‘good idea little Dam’ said one of them, “after that we can go to Freddie’s and get us each a girl for the night” added the one who struck me as the leader. With anger I stepped in front of them protectively standing over Vera and our money and said “stand back, our hard work, our money” the leader replied “but it’s on our turf so that makes it our money you are either going to hand it over or get bloodied, you and your pretty little Dam sister, your choice” he laughed. ” Stay away from us” I warned. He came forward eerily looming over, he bent low his face inches from mine and with a suffocating foul breath said “Who’s gonna make me” and all of a sudden they descended on me with punches, sticks, and wait was that a hammer? Oh OK it was a big fist, felt like a hammer though. It was hell I have never experienced such physical pain in my life before. With spared glance I saw Vera throwing rocks at them screaming “leave my brother alone” I wanted to scream, tell her to run but my voice wasn’t working. Then one of Them walked over to her and tried to grab her but she wouldn’t let him. She was squirming under his loose grip I was screaming “vera no, leave her alone!” forcefully Vera managed to break herself free from her attacker. she had used her legs to push as hard as she could against the guy, it’s resulting force propelled her forward right into the main road. And then I HEARD: PAAAAAAANM PAAAAAAANM, it was getting dark so no one really saw it coming, no one heard it blew it’s trumpet, not until it was too late. VERAAAAAA! I screamed with all my strength. It was a freaking horror show me on my knees unable to move, couldn’t stand, couldn’t run, Vera was screaming as the truck hit and then ran over her, I was helpless wishing for it all to stop but it didn’t, almost immediately after everything was quiet. Our attackers fled, the driver fled too he had been driving Without headlights that’s why I had not seen him in time. The truck had crushed her thoroughly scattering Vera’s body parts all over the road. With an overwhelming, an immeasurable and an unimaginable grief in my heart, a realisation came to me: this world is a cruel world, only the wicked thrive. And vera was an angel the world was not meant for her let her go back to heaven that’s were she belongs with angels like her. “goodbye Vera watch over me, they didn’t kill you but they are the reason you are dead and thats the same thing to me, watch as I bring down hell upon those that brought you this gruesome fate”…. I vowed.
……After that horrible incident, to become stronger, I joined gangs, pushed drugs, abused drugs, engage in Street fights, gang wars, pimped girls over the years, A bloody waste of time if you ask me. For none of it made me strong the way I wanted to be. It was when I got arrested and was sent to prison, that I found the kind of strength I was looking for. Warmed my way to the hearts of the inmates quickly enough. it was after I told my story and expressed my determination for revenge that one of the prison bosses took me in, thought me everything I need to know. Trained me in combat and gun battle, thought me the best revenge path to take. After serving four years of prison time I was released three years ahead of schedule for good conduct, I wasted no time in plotting my revenge course, using the connection Don piccolo (my prison boss) gave me, finding my first target wasn’t hard: The Driver. I traced him to his home town, where he was a mechanic. Immediately I saw him, eight years of anger welled up inside of me. I walked up to him and asked “do you know me”. He gave me a once over look and said “no can I help you with anything?” “you don’t remember me” I asked again. He stopped what he was doing and looked at me then asked “Who are you”. “Do you know vera?” I answered his question with mine. “No and I would like you to leave my property, I am not comfortable with you on it”, he replied as he looked up into my eyes and took a step back. Guessing he must have seen it, the murderous intent in my eyes. Before he could speak I asked him “do you remember the little girl you crushed to pieces eight years ago with that truck” pointing to the last truck at the roll of vehicles on the left. His eyes widened as he remembered, he raised his left hand that held a huge metal spanner and tried to hit me with it but I was quick, I stepped back thrusting forward I jabbed him on the jaw, he staggered back. seeing that he couldn’t fight me he ran back so fast inside his shop and locked the wooden gates, I could hear his footsteps retreating deeper inside. something shiny caught my eyes. The fool had left the key to the truck he was repairing on the ground I picked it up and climed in, then started it, and drove it straight through the gate, as the gate shattered he came into view, his back against the wall, his chest heaving so high I thought his heart was gonna bust out, his eyes as wide as they could go. With a tinge of satisfaction and a small smile on my lips because I liked the fear that resonated from him, it was the same fear that vera felt before dying, I drove the vehicle straight at him crushing him against the wall behind him, I came out of the truck, went out to pick surrounding flowers. Wasn’t really comfortable with it, I didn’t want to leave any trail for the police to track, but I believed it was the right thing to do. The Don had said that It’s meant to be like a sense of knowing for Vera that her killers hadn’t gone unpunished. plus by the time the police caught up, i would have been done with my vengeance mission, dissappeard and started a new life. Placing the flowers on the dead driver I muttered ‘for Vera’.
To be continued


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