Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Facts of life

A bone may be the sweetest food in the world of dogs, but you'll never see a hen chasing after bones even when it's starving.
A worm may be the sweetest food in the world of hens, but you'll never see a dog chasing after worms even when it's starving.
Some things are not your portion.
You were created for something special than what others may see.
When Daniel rejected the king's sweetest food and waited for his own sweetest food, he grew better than those who ate the king's food.
What the dog eats and lives, the hen may eat and die.
Your sweetness is not determined by others' sweetness.
You are original and created for a purpose. You have a role to play that will glorify the name of the Lord.
Don't follow others to taste their lives but follow the plan God has for you.
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