Sunday, 8 October 2017


I got late to class thanks to miranda. The lecturer didn't scold me because I was new. I thought I was the only one late until someone came in. OMG! The guy was so cute and hot! He was wearing a white Y neck shirt on top of a jean that had a golden chain across the pocket. His watch and necklace was a shining gold and his shoes were coloured white and black(maybe airmax). He wore a black glass which he removed as soon as he entered into the class. His hair was shave thoroughly, it was shining black. He had a silver earring on his ear that was shining. Everything about him was shining.
I was lost I kept on staring at him while chewing my Pen's cover until the lecturer interrupted and I maintained.
Lecturer: you are late again. Mr man
Guy: I am sorry it won't repeat itself
Lecturer: that's what you always say now I would appreciate it if you sit!
Guy he was getting angry but was good at controlling it) I said it won't repeat itself so please will you stop moulding a house out from dry sand!
The lecturer said nothing. He faced the board again seemed he was drawing a human cell.
To be continued..

Episode 7
I was damn happy when he came to sit with me but you know na girls still need to form.
I used my left hand to fling my hair, faced him and raised my brows Like I was questioning him. I guess he noticed.
Guy: oh stop that questioning eyebrow of yours. It doesn't suit you(smiling)
I was embarrassed I thought acting that way will make me cool but I just acted dumb to his words. His smile OMG! would an helpless person follow him home feeling safe. His teeth were so white and he had this pink lip and tongue that would make you want to kiss him till you die. His scent was taking the whole arena. I wanted to get close to him to enjoy the sweet fragrance of his. But I still need to form. So I placed my hand bag in in the centre while I sat at the edge. He didn't even looked at me he only smiled facing the blackboard. It kept me wondering if he smiled because of my reaction or because of the drawing. I was writing as the lecturer was explaining. He doesn't seem To be writing but I always caught him stealing looks at me. I was happy that I had a very neat and beautiful writing because he seemed he was reading what I wrote. Soon the lecturer left.
Just as I was about to leave,he caught my left hand, my hand skipped a beat and I was glad in my heart. I turned and faced him. some girls just stood there watching us.
Me: what's all this?(forming continues)
Guy: please at least tell me your name
Me: why should I do that? You are not worthy of knowing it.
Guy: (smiling as he raised his brows) well I will take it easy on you since you are new here. Now will you tell me your name or not!?( still holding my hand)
Me I didn't knew when I blurted out) Milly. Milly brandez.
Guy: hmmm. What a nice name. Cute name, cute you.My name is .........( he was interrupted by some idiots I was not vexed)
The fools were shouting *The don oya na make we dey follow up na. Abi you don net another fresh fish?*
He just smiled and left my hand. Then winked at me and left.
I was kind if sad. But I left the class and walking to the library I bumped into someone else. We bumped into each other actually. I was thinking of that guy i saw earlier and the bumper seemed to be in a hurry..
To be continued..



Episode 8
Immediately I raised my head OMG! why was I seeing models lately? I thought. He was more handsome than the guy earlier. He was light in complexion so was I. He dressed really simple only his neck chain and wrist watch will tell you he was rich!
Guy2: oh! I am sorry, it was definitely my fault. I am sorry I ran into you.(he was so nice and cute. His teeth and fragrance was like that of the earlier guy). But if I were to choose, I would choose this one. When he smiled, his teeth sparkled. He had a pinky lip and tongue.
Me: oh, don't say that. It was all my fault I wasn't thinking straight. (my hands was on waist while he picked up my hand bag for me)
Guy2: its okay but next time be careful he said as he patted my left shoulder and left for car. His car was so unique. A white Toyota SUV. As he got to the back door someone one dressed almost like him opened the door for him as he stepped in and before I knew they were gone. I insulted myself for not being Able to ask for his name. I didn't get to know these guys names. But I was upon glad that I met them.
*******Back in the hostel*******
When I got to the hostel, belinda was not around but I met miranda.
Me: bae, you should have been around OMG(I screamed as I was swinging from to right snapping my fingers before I finally sat down)
Miranda: na golden medal you win abi na watin(sitting up interested already)
Me: na aproko go kill you. I think I saw the so called Brenden(fuming my face)
Miranda: you think you saw, abi you saw him? Where?
Me: in class na. He was dressed in black and white
Miranda: you see, I told you, you will fall for him.
Me: fall for him key, mtcheeeew. (I knew I was lying but telling miranda how I actually felt was like telling my father I ate the chocolate I boasted I won't eat. And I didn't always like his expression back in Europe)
Miranda: you did not fall for him yet you knew the colour of his clothes?(smiling at me)
Me: shuuuuuu, is that a crime again?
Miranda: no oooo. Maybe you haven't seen them in group if not ehnn you will fall for him. By the way did he tell you his name?
Me: (God knew I was dying to see them in group) nope he didn't.
Miranda: then how did you know he was Brenden?
Me: his outfit said it all. You said the B.B dressed in black and white. Right?

yes they do. Okay ooo. Maybe you will fall for preston. Their group always dress simple, smart and neat. Their colour is white and red. Prestley my boyfriend is among them.
Me: whoa whoa I guess I have seen him. Prestley? Seems they accept someone who is rich and has a P starting his name?
Miranda: where? Yeah exactly and someone who is cute too. Prestley is so cute.
Just then someone entered guess who?
To be continued


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