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My dear friends, There is no difference between GLO and SATAN.
They'll give you data and collect the network mtcheeww.
If everytime when u cheat, one tooth comes out, most of you could have been eating only soft poridge by know.
The best way to kill a lady is to buy her a golden watch,expensive clothes, bangles, shoes, make ups and trousers then lock her up in a room without a mirror.
My brother when u hear her say "what!"... She heard u loud and clear....
Just change the statement.. U will thank me..
When two girls are fighting over u my brother i advice you watch the fight to the end then marry the loser because you cannot afford to have FLOYD MAYWEATHER as a wife
Nigerians will be crying for their dead relations until one day God will hear their cry and wake them before being buried..
Omo u go see Marathon
Fat guy wid small dick look like capital letter Q
Cheating is only for married couples. The rest of us are just searching for the right ones.
When lot's wife turned back and she become a piller of salt,
I wonder who turned back to confirmed it.
Am I the only one who walk slowly behind people to avoid greeting
I wanted to be a doctor as I grew up but my brethrens,i ended up typing Amen on social networks  to cure sick people .
My brother beware of these uneducated girls, they will persuade and force you to marry them because they know that a marriage certificate is the only certificate she may ever hold.
Dear Ladies,
A man who truly loves you will stick with u no matter how much/many times u cheat and that man is ur father not us
A guy posted,
"My penis is my life "
His Ex commented "your life is too short then.. "
When ur mouth is gettin close to kiss her lips and then suddenly, U saw her father who jst appeared 4rm no where and U moved ur mouth quickly to her eyes nd started blowin somthin out 4rm her eyes___ my brother, ur wisdom gave U the narrow escape.
Nigerian girls will be waiting for your call just to reject it.... Mtcheeew
Some girls can be very funny
Just 3 months of dating, she is saying she wants to see my parents, even me, it took me 9 months before i see my own parents
No one replies faster than a lady u promised money. She will even reply to texts you will send next year, she will be like "hun according to the text you will send in 2019, I love you too "
Nobody is more happier than a Lady whose boyfriend's Mum calls ''our Wife'' she can even wash the compound gate.
The most wicked people in Nigeria are those  Skinny_Girls who don't wear Earrings ... very wicked...
What if Buhari wins Election come 2019?
I will just park and go to "My Country"...
You will Never see those  Ladies who always wear  Wigs involve in a Fight...
My first Heart Break was in Primary Two. She left me for a boy on a new  Uniform
Some of you Ladies have seen more boxers than the late Muhammad Ali.
Don't trust Girls that say, They love u from the bottom of their hearts..
It means they still Have space for more at the top..
If his Phone rings and he goes outside follow him and help him find the signal he is searching for. .
I don't trust we guys
My Neighbour slapped me today and i didn't say anything to him because he is the only one that have Generator in the compound! If i slap him back where will i charge my Phone to post this...
Send me Money " is where a guy loses 80% interest in a girl
Not all Breasts you see standing are standing on their own some are using Crutches...
Biko which scientist told Nigerian Girls that the remaining  Water after bathing is for washing Pant...
So finally I learnt how to dance
Shaku_Shaku , my Church Members go hear am on Sunday.
Leme go n polish my Shoe...
To those Girls who wear  Chains, on their Feet.
Are u still a Slave?
I thought Slave Trade is over...
Leave a Girl in a Room purposely go outside and come back if she's not at that same spot you left her she Doesn't have A  Good_Character ?
According to Science...
I washed all my  Clothes yesterday so if you see any guy wearing Matric Gown to office just know it's me...
Don't Pray to be like me ... I'm owing people Money ...
I think social networks will be a little more decent if we can have our Parents there too, atleast it will help improve our Pictures upload, post, comment!
What do u think?
So I can't buy Vaseline in peace without the seller asking what I want to use it for
see what Bobrisky have caused...
If you are a Girl and you think your Boyfriend is using his Car to carry only you?
Happy Children's Day...
I don't like running errands for Girls but not when she said I should help her unlock her Bra or I should remove her Pant myself, those are the only message that I can go for any Lady...
Last Night, I killed two criminal
Mosquitoes , the reason I'm saying they are criminals is because they were flying very close to my Wallet,
MTN are so mean these days that if u don't have Airtime or Data they will start deducting from your Battery Bars...
Please Guys don't under-rate slim girls, because they also want to prove that small body no be sickness.
Because you saw my kind of post in another person's wall does not mean I Copied from them or they Copied from me...
Women can't stop to be funny...
Imagine, just a Drop, very small drop ooh, she will make noise for 9months, what of we guys that carry the Full Tank of it all

The Fault In Our Street Episode 6-7

Mariam's arrival to the camp was welcomed by a summon to Rashid A'Gul's office. After a long run in the woods, getting back, she was told of her presence being needed in the temple, in Rashid A'Gul's Chamber.
After ten years of staying in the fortress, she can never get used to being summoned by the master himself. Solders only get summoned by him for their life time mission or retirement and which she knows that the later is so far from being the reason why she's being summoned.
She hadn't been assigned to any life threatening mission yet, although most of the mission she has carried out so far can also be seen as life threatening by any other average solder.
But she's no any average solder. She's the best sniper the world have produced so far. There are only three of her kind in the world, one she had killed during her first mission and the other is an Ex Marine Corp from America where she went for her extra two years training.
Getting inside the chamber, it felt like the first two times she was here. One was when she was introduced to Rashid A'Gul himself during her first week and the second was when her first mission was given to her by him. It was the hardest mission she has ever accomplished and she believes that it will be the last too. No mission could ever be as hard and difficult as her first mission, which took all of her will.
“ I was told you asked for me Ra's.” Mariam sign to the man facing her while watching her closely. She kept on holding unto her breath with all her might. You don't get summoned by Rashid A'Gul just for the fun of it. Something tells her that she already knows why she's here. Today marked her ten years of staying in the camp and now is that time the Russian government have been waiting for. When they get to use her for their purposes.
“ yes. I sent for you. How long have you been here? ” A tall, fair and bold looking man asked.
She knew this was coming so she wasn't really surprised “ ten years ” she indicated with her fingers.
“ your life time mission has been successfully drawn and you will need to fly to the said country, tomorrow by down. Are you ready for these operation? ” he asked. She nodded in approval. This is her favorite part. Killing has become more of a hubby to her than it is a mission. After successfully carrying out her first mission which happens to be her first kill, it doesn't take her anything to take a person's life anymore.
Her first kill was the most difficult mission she has ever had to do so far and everyone hated her since for it. She had to kill someone she has grown to be fond of. She had to slaughter him like their relationship didn't matter even though it was difficult archiving that, since the said person wasn't an easy person to kill. It was kill or be killed and she needed to survive.
She has to kill her mentor, her teacher, her friend and a training partner. Everyone hated and feared her ever since that day. She become the most feared and respected assassin In the country. She was used for major operation in and outside the country with no record left for the police to trace her with.
Different countries have already created a name for her. The US. S. H. E. L. D. Department and S. C. P. D calls her “ The Butcher!” while the Chinese police force calls her “ The Shooter ”, the Japanese police force calls her “ The knife Thrower ”. Other names were also created for her In each police record from different countries that she has carried out an execution. Such names are “ Sniper, Dead Shoot and Ninja ” because of how she disappears without any trace and since she only make use of knife in every execution.
So far, no trace of her have been made, which gain her more popularity with the US militant. She's known as a world criminal and a sought after assassin in the world. She tends to not leave any trace or evidence, other than her signature which to her is the weapon of execution “ The Knife. ”
Mariam prefers not to kill with any other weapon other than her master piece. The weapon she was trained to use. She remembers the first time she had to kill a person, her first victim and her first mission with her knife. Her life changed after that mission and to honour him, she had to stick to killing with just knife, besides, it was the same weapon that was used on her parents too. So she's not just honoring her mentor but her parents too.
Flash back...
Five Years Ago…
Staring at the room where her fate was determined the first time she came here, Mariam can't imagine why she's here again. The first was to know her fate in the camp, if she will be a mere slave or prisoner and be trained as a soldier but now, looking at this room, she wondered what her first mission will be.
She was told that her first mission will be assigned to her by Rashid A'Ghul himself and it will be her first kill. Though she's pretty much good with knives already but so far all she had killed with it are animals and hit a target. The day she had mistakenly wondered her trainer, Mirage on one of their numerous training, when she was trying to get him as a target on his command of cause, she was sorry all through the day.
She has grown fond of him that she couldn't take being responsible for any injury on his body, though it was his job to make sure she's trained properly even at the cost of his own life.
Now here she is, waiting for her first mission.
“ I will be watching you fight and hit a target today. A real fight. You have to hit the target or get hit by it. ” Rashid A'Gul explained carefully. Mariam understands what he meant. It means kill or get kill. She has witnessed such training for the past five years of her stay here. It is the first minor mission of every assassin here. It opens your inner ability before you are sent to the world. It is the last training you have inside the camp and the first training you have outside the camp.
Mariam wondered who her victim will be. She knew deep In her heart that she's good at what she does, all thanks to mirage for she knows, with her knife, she can defeat be you who. “ you are a great warrior and I fear that your name will only drive terror among humans one day. ” Mirage had told her once. May be is time she start living up to her name and not succumbs under self pity.
She really wants this meeting to be over so that she can get it over done with and finally step her feet outside the camp, the big gate. She hadn't stepped her feet outside the gate ever since she steps in five years ago. After this mission, if she wins, they will be sent to America for an extra two years marine training and other major training too, then the survivals will come back home, and under go another one year training where they will be carrying out some minor operation before they start their major operation.

Mariam was packing her cloths when she felt a presence behind her so she went straight for her knife, prepared for an attack even though she knew that no one will be brave enough to challenge her for a fight here in the camp. She's feared in the camp. Her name strikes terror.
“ hey chill. Is just me ” Kim Lee, a Chinese solder who she had made friend with, said. Calming her heart down, she brought down the knife and dropped it inside the bag she is currently parking her wears.
“ I thought they usually make ready your wears in the place of your assignments? ” Kim Lee asked, after some seconds of watching her pack her cloths.
‘“ I don't do too well in unfamiliar outfit and besides, am usually not comfortable in new cloths. ”’ Mariam sign before going back to concentrating on what she's doing.
“ so you have been assigned to your life time mission. Is cruel that you were assigned to your own country. I guess you will be leaving tomorrow right? ” he asked.
Mariam couldn't believe her own ears. She's been sent to Nigeria? That's more shocking than when she saw who the first person she was to target and kill with her knife was. When she discovered who her first mission was, it killed every spirit she had but she had to or she would have been the one dead.
Flash back...
“ Mirage? ” Mariam couldn't hide the shock she felt when after waiting for five minutes for her target and opponent, only for him to turn out to be her mentor, teacher, friend and training partner. Other than all these things she had just mentioned, he's one of the world best sniper and she's just his trainee. “ how the hell is she supposed to fight him and win without killing or being killed. ” she thought with fright.
The realisation that she's going to be fighting with the only person that has ever cared for her in this camp hits her like a wave, suffocating her senses. The blood drains from her face and her knees threaten to give way. She don't know what to say. The surprise and shock cloud her mind, making her thoughts foggy and random.
She looked at the man standing before her, with his wide pleading eyes telling her to understand and her surprise melts away, replaced by anger. “ are they trying to test me? Is this some kind of a test? ” she asked herself for the uptent time. He takes a step towards her, outstrenching his hand for a bet. She slap his hand away and struggle to find her voice.
"You coward!" he yells, throwing his first knife at her, which cut through her arm. She rasp, taking a step back at the same take and knocking into the wooden table behind her. The crowd chored to him and then realization of the whole thing hit her like a bomb. She's really fighting him. She has no choice or she will die without even trying. She stops moving and a wounded expression comes over his face. But she don't care anymore. She's going to do exactly what she has to do to survive even if it means fighting him. She concluded.
She push her body to hit him first even though her legs shake and her breath is uneven and gasping. Mirage tries to stop her but it is too late, he barrels at full speed into the wall.
He hits it with a sickening thud and crumples to the floor. She get up and run over to him, hoping she hasn't wondered him that much. She couldn't believe she actually brought him down like that. May be he is going easy on her, she thought. He's still conscious, thank goodness. She thought then she bend to help him to his feet but received a hard punch on the nose instead.
She groans, clutching her nose. She pull apart from him to inspect it and see it is broken. She watch him in horror as he stand to his feet and match towards her with a fire she hadn't seen in his eyes before. With full determination “ he's really going to kill me ” she thought.
She dragged and pushed her nose until it fit back into place. After a few grunts and several stomach-turning clicks, she was able to fix back her broken nose. With the pain and anger she felt at that moment, she did what no one expected at that moment, including her opponent who she has started seeing as a target and not a friend anymore.
She threw her first knife at him and watch it hit and stab into his chest then she hit the second knife and it hit threw his stomach. Stabbing him in both his chest and stomach, there was no way he could survive it. He died on the sport with his eyes wide open, staring at her.
He never expected that she will throw the knife especially at that early stage. No one expected it, not even the best trainer the camp has. He was the best but he never expected that she will send him growling on the ground in pain.
“ hey! Is okay. You can survive it. You survived fighting Mirage remember? Even when he was the best in the camp but you won. It was such a waste that he had to die like that even when he was the best trainer the camp has and one of the best snipers in history. Rashid A'Gul didn't choose him to fight you because they were tired of him, no. He was an important asset the Russian government had until you two started getting too attached to each other.
They had to do something. You were getting too attached to him and for solders, it was a sign of weakness, so they had to use your weakness to train you. To know if you are qualified to be a professional assassin. You belong to the government and they don't joke with their properties nor allow anyone to mess with what's there's.
"To be honest with you, between you and Mirage, you were far more important to the government than he was. You fight, kill and die for the government while he only train people like you for the government. "
“ hmm... ” she sighed.
"You can use it as an opportunity too you know right? ” Kim Lee said, distracting her from her thoughts.
“ yeah I guess so ” Mariam sign with her hands. She's only going there for the mission. She has no reason to think otherwise. Her family died with any connection she thinks she had with the name Nigeria so she has no reason to feel any ties towards the country.
Mariam couldn't help but to think that she's just unlucky when it comes to first missions. Her first minor mission was to eliminate her own mentor and teacher, now her major mission is to fight and eliminate some cannibal of people from her own country.
She has to do it. This might just be her last mission and if she comes back successful, then she will buy herself out from the league and start living a normal life, if that is possible.
She really doesn't even want to live a normal life anymore, that life has already been taken away from her and now she has to live with herself as a killer, nothing more. Killing helps clear her mind and gives her a sense of belonging. Is the only thing she knows how to do best so she might as well stick to it until her dying breath.

To be continued..


Anita was extremely glad when the returning journey finally ends and she landed safely in her house. Heavily tired from the stress, she sank on the couch craving for something chilled. The concert had been really wonderful and she had God to thank for that. Despite all attempts by the devil to spoil it for her, God foil his plan and made her emerge victorious. A whole lots of people collected her number and that of her manager, promising to call her for more shows.
She went to the bar and rewarded herself with a cup of a non alcoholic drink. As she drinks, her manager came in.
'Oh Charles congratulate me.' She went and give him a hug.
'How was the journey Anita?' He asked.
'Charles the concert was awesome, I did excellent.' She announced gleefully.
'Is that true?' Charles asked casually.
'Of course, come let me tell her about it.' She literally dragged him to the bar, poured him a drink and narrated the whole story but excluded the part of the mysterious man.
Charles tried to seems as if he was interested in the story but Anita later saw through him that he wasn't excited.
'What's wrong Charles? You don't seems so happy.'
'Anita dear, I don't want to burst your bubble but there was a problem with your performance.' He spoke frankly.
'What problem?' She queried.
'The second song, you shouldn't have sang it.' Charles pointed out.
'But what am I supposed to do when I was done with the song I already presented and the crowd were still clamoring the me to sing more.' She complained.
'You should have sang any general song. That song isn't done yet and you almost made a fool out of yourself with it.' He reprimanded.
'Alright am sorry. So when are we releasing my single?' She asked.
'Don't you know you have already messed that up?'
'How Charles? You told me my single will get release after this concert.' She said with her voice slightly raised.
'Calm down Anita, am speaking in your interest. We can't drop that single leaving the other undone song at the mercy of copycats. You need to drop the two together.' He explained.
'Alright, I will finish the song before the week runs out and we will release it by weekend.' She promised.
'That's my girl.' Charles praised.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The door bell to a beautiful duplex rang. Inside, Segun lay wasted on the floor, naked safe for his boxers. Beside him lay another naked female body only conscious with occasional snore. The door bell rang again and he struggled to get up but lost his balance and stumbled. Remembering what he needed to get on his feet, he crawled to the table and picked up the matches box on it. He poured little white powder from the matches on the lady's back and sniffed. The door bell rang for the third time.
'Am coming .' He shouted.
He opened the door and was met with the face of Benson his manager.
'How far my man?' Segun greeted.
'Nature what have you been up to.' Benson asked before he entered and witnessed the answer to his question.
'Oh my this place is a mess, where is your maid?' He inquired again.
' She traveled for the weekend, don't know when she would be back.' Segun uses his leg to gently tap the sleeping girl. She wakes and groggy went to the toilet.
'I really won't talk about that now.' Benson said referring to the lady.
'I came to hear the feedback of your trip to Abuja. What did you and the event planner conclude?' Benson pressed further.
Segun went to the bar and pour his friend a wine.
'Am not sure am interested in doing the show again.' Segun replied.
'What do you mean?' Benson asked surprisingly.
'I don't know, just don't feel great about it.' Segun explained further.
'You didn't see the event planner did you?' Benson asked.
'No, I got into something else and couldn't make it to the meeting.' Segun explained.
'You are really crazy. Call me when you are in your right sense.' Benson stood up angrily, making for the door.
'At least Benson, wouldn't you like to know what I got into?' Segun said expecting his friend to turn back but instead he heard the door slam.

It was a glorious service at the Global Evangelism Ministry church anniversary, where Anita performed and whaoed the congregation. When she was through and wanted to leave with her manager, the pastor and a handful of elders came to meet them.
'Sister Anita, that was a wonderful performance.' The pastor said.
'Thanks so much sir.' She blushed.
'Have you released it?' One of the elders asked.
'No, I haven't but will release it very soon.' She answered.
'Please do, the song is really good.' Another elder added.
'Ok sir, we have to start going now we have another appointment.' Charles said and the Pastor bade them farewell as they entered the car.
Charles drives the car while Anita sat by his side thinking.
'We are going to need money.' She eventually said.
'Money for what Anny?' Charles asked.
'For the promotion of my two songs we are releasing this week.' She replied.
'Anita, I have really been thinking about something.' Charles said.
'What is it?'
'Promoting just two songs will cost money, why don't we wait till you have an album before we release any song on air.' He suggested.
'Charles ! How could you tell me to wait after all these years? You heard everyone advising me to release it quickly yet you tell me to wait for an album.' Anita flared up.
'I am only being economical, Anny we don't have enough money available.' Charles explained.
'I don't care, my singles are dropping this week. I can't wait any more.' She said with a note of finality.
'Alright, I have heard you.' Charles agreed.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Segun with his manager stepped in to the office of the marketing manager of a giant telecommunication company in the country. The marketing manager ushered them to a seat and welcome them with open arms.
'Whao ! I feel so honoured having the famous Dj Nature in my office.' The man said.
'The pleasure is mine sir.' Segun replied.
'So to what do I owe this pleasure?' The man asked.
'Sir we are here concerning what we talked about last week on phone.' Benson reminded.
'Oh about the Dj coalition show. Where is the venue for the show?' He asked.
'It's Lagos sir, this show is for the masses. We are taking it through neighborhoods.' Segun replied.
' It's a very good idea but our company have no marketing problem in Lagos, what we need is occupying Abuja. Our company is facing strict competition in over there and am sure your show will be of help.' The marketing manager explained.
'But ...' Segun wanted to speak but Benson jumped in.
'Don't worry sir, we will change the venue to Abuja if that's what you want.' Benson said.
'That's good. In that case, get me the plan for the show so I can show it to the board for approval.' Said the man.
'Alright we will forward it to you.' Benson replied before they left the office.
Inside the car, Segun was at the wheel driving back home with his manager.
'Am not doing my show in Abuja, fuck whatever you two discussed back there.' Segun announced.
'But Nature, what really is your problem? This Abuja was what we initially picked till you changed it out of the blue.' Benson complained.
'That is because Abuja is so dry. Who is going to turn up?' Segun explained.
'With enough publicity, people will turn up. Nature if this company should sponsor the show, we will make a who lots of profit.' Benson explained.
'But what about the cost of transportation, all the artist and DJs I invited are all Lagos base. It won't be easy.' Segun Lamented.
'Don't worry, everything will work out fine.' Benson assured.

To be continued..

When A Woman Cheats Episode 5-6

Dawson's attitude towards me suddenly changed after that encounter. He seemed to have appointed himself my protector. He was careful not to let Caleb know that he was aware of the abuse and that suited me well as I was terrified of the consequences. I still couldn't help but wonder as to how I missed the signs. We were once so in love, so perfect and the envy of everyone.
Each time I saw a post of someone being abused I felt sick to my stomach and the comments from people on social media just made it worse. Most did not understand the struggles we would go through;the guilt of wondering if only you as a woman had done things differently then maybe just maybe I wouldn't get abused. The other thing people didn't understand was the shame that came with being abused. Some would sympathise with you but others would actually tell you to hold on;that all women got beaten in marriage.
I sighed as I packed my stuff. I had been subjected to a long day. Oscar had insisted on working with me and at one point had dragged me to a seminar on financial strategies in organisations. I couldn't help but wonder why he was insisting on spending much of his time familiarising himself with my department when we had other departments. It had actually not escaped people's attention. My assistant had actually told me that people were convinced that we were more than we were letting on. That had actually made me even more aware of my surroundings and whatever little fantasies I had about Oscar had been pushed to the back of my mind because he was not only my boss but a colleague and business was never to be mixed wit pleasure.
I locked my office and headed to the car. I needed to get home before Caleb. Lately I dreaded going home because ever since he was elected permanent secretary he had been pushing for me to quit my job. I was not willing to do that as the job I had was the one thing that I had for my own. I unclocked the car and turned the key but the car wouldn't start. I tried and tried again but to no avail. Frustrated I got my phonr and steppes out of the car.
Mine was the only car in the parking lot as most people usually left by five on the dot. I dialed Caleb's number and after a few tries he finally picked up.
"My car is failing to start," I told him.
"I see. Well I am not around. I flew out to Livingstone this afternoon," he said dismissively.
In the background I swear I heard a girl giggle. I wouldn't have put it last him to be with another woman wherever he was as he was the type of man who believed that he was allowed to have as many women as he wanted.
"I had no idea,"I said quickly.
"It was an emergency trip. I got busy and forgot to inform you. However I will call Dawson to come and pick you. I will not have any other man drive you around."
Emergency my foot. He was probably rushing for his latest rendezvous with whoever he was with in the room. I told him to take care and that I would wait for Dawson. I had just hang up when I felt a presence behind me. I turned and there he was. His jacket was placed on one arm and the first three buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned. I could make out his torso. I swallowed. He smiled lazily as though knowing the effect that he had on me.
He stepped towards me. Taking a step back would mean I was a coward and honestly I didn't want hom to think that his presence affected me in anyway.
"You are still around,"he stated in his deep husky voice.
"Car trouble," I said as I told my racing heart to calm down.
"Can I take a look?"
"By all means?" I said as I pointed to the car.
I watched him as he took long strides to the car. He tried the bonnet but it wouldn't budge so he opened the driver's side and flicked open the bonnet lever. He then placed his jacket on the seat and rolled up his sleeves. He then opened the bonnet and hovered over the engine. As he bent over I couldn't help but notice how good his behind looked. He must have felt my eyes on him as he looked over his shoulder with a mischievious smile. I quickly looked away.
"I think it is the timing belt. Was it recently replaced?"he said turning back to the engine.
I shook my head and answered in the negative. I had no idea what he was talking about. Caleb normally took care of the vehicles' maintainance. He stood straight.
"You need to call a mechanic to look at the car."
"I will inform my husband," I said quickly.
He raised a questioning eyebrow. It was my first time ever mentioning a husband. Before I could say more the sound of a car approaching us made me turn. It was Dawson. Oscar looked at me then Dawson.
"Friend. Apparently he has travelled."
He walked to my car and picked his jacket and as he did Dawson got out of the car.
"Kassie what happened?" Dawson asked as he eyed Oscar suspiciously.
"Timing belt," Oscar answered. "That is why the car won't start."
"Thank you for helping Kassie out. I will take it from here. Get your things," he said pointedly looking at me.
I nodded and opened the door as the two men sized each other up. I then locked the car and walked to where the two stood. Both were giving each other nasty looks.
"I am ready to go,"I said clearing my throat. I then looked at Oscar. "Thank you."
He nodded. He then bid us good night and walked away. I then followed Dawson to his car quietly. I jumped into the passenger seat and strapped on my seat belt.
"That guy likes you," Dawson said causing me to look up in surprise.
"I doubt it," I answered quickly.
If I had to say I was disappointed it would be an under statement. I felt cheated. I had no idea that Kasamba was married. She wore no ring on her hands and she had this innocence about her and if that wasn't bad enough the way the "friend" looked at her showed me that he was interestes in her. I went home and poured myself some scotch before I went to the home gym to punch away on the punching bag. I needed to blow off steam.
That night my dreams were hauntes by Kassie's face. In my dreams she kissed me and it was as real as the day that ai kissed her at the party. I had kissed a total stranger at the party just to get rid of the girl my aunt had thrown at me. She had been a pest and had been following me around for days till I saw her;she was seated on the patio alone. She looked radiant and totally breathtaking. The kiss was never plannes and the minute our lips met there was this electricity.I had been so taken with the kiss and seeing her at work just made me happier.
Now my hopes of wooing her were crushed but something just wouldn't let me be. I woke up early the next morning and left before anyone else was up. I drove for work and just as I was driving in I spotted the Human Resource Director's car. An idea came into my head. I walked over to her after we parked and I asked her to send me Kassie's file.

I then locked myself in my office and studied her file. I googled her husband's name and discovered that he had recently been elected Permanent secretary. I studied pics of him and Kasamba. There was somethinf about her smile in all the pics. It seemed forced or sad. I leaned back in my seat and wondered what sort of a man she was married to. Was she happy? Did he make her heart flutter? I closed the laptop as I looked away. I had to tell my heart to forget her one way or the other.

I walked into the pub as Caleb parked the Car. He had insisted on a guys' night out and well it was welcome after the week that I had. I found a table for two and signaled for a waiter. One materialised immediately.
"I will have a skinny bitch," I told the waitress.
She looked confused. I smiled. She probably thought I was being inappropriate.
"A skinny bitch is vodka mixed with lime and soda water,"I said feeling the need to explain.
She seemed relieved and she quickly jotted in her book.
"I will just order for my friend as well. Brandy on the rocks."
"What type of brandy?"
"Captain Morgan."
She nodded the scurried off. Caleb joined me a few minutes later.
"Sorry I was on the phone. I invited Thelma and a friend of hers over."
He smiled mischievously."One of the girls am seeing. She will be here in an hour so best we get a table for four."
I couldn't believe my ears. A side chick? I was a one woman man and I never ever jumped to another woman as long as I was with someone else.
"What about Kasamba?"
"What about her?"
"Don't you feel some sort of obligation towards her?"
He shrugged and paused as the waitress brought our drinks. He looked after her as she moved away.
"She has a nice behind...back to Kasamba,I feel no obligation towards her. I paid for her so I own her. As the man I have evey right to do as I please. In fact this just reminds me. I have been trying to get her to stop work but she is adamant. She is being so stubborn about it making me think maybe she has ulterior motives."
I watched him as he sipped his brandy then put his glass down.
"Maybe she is cheating on me."
"Really? What makes you think that?"
He laughed. "Kasamba usually does as I ask,no questions asked but on this she refuses to do as I ask even after threatening her."
I shifted uncomfortably. "Threatened?"
"My man when you get hitched you will understand that these women need to be kept under a tight leash. I went to so much trouble to pay for her bride price for other men to oogle her and have their way with her. I own her. She is mine and when she is not cooperative a few beatings will get her down to size."
Listening to him speak made my blood boil. He seemed so proud of the fact that he was basically a jailer and making his wife a prisoner in her own home.
"If I ever find out that she is cheating she will regret the day she was born and as for the man I will get him castrated."
"Maybe she wants to work because it is her way of holding on to her independence. I have heard how women lose themselves when they get hitched."
"Her duty to me is to provide me with children. An heir to be specific. I am building an empire. I am not stopping at being permanent secretary,I want to be a minister then eventually president but in the long run I want to amass my wealth."
I thought of the guy Kasamba was with. Was she seeing him. I hoped for her sake that she wasn't from the glint in Caleb's eyes when he spoke about castration I could see he was serious ans as for dealing with Kassie I had no doubt he would do his worst. His phone rang and he picked. He told whoever it was to come right in.
"Let us find a great table," he said sliding off his seat.
Reluctantly I followed him to a table at the the far corner for four.
"Do me a favour bro."
"Please make spy on Kassie for me. I need to knkw if she is cheating. With this position I will be travelling a lot and I need to protect my investment."
I swalllwed and before I could answer two girls approached us. Lusaka slay queens. One was in a very tight black short skirt and a white crop top. On her head was Brazillian hair and well the make up was well done. The other girl was more conservative in ripped white jeans and a white sleeves top. The first girl went to Caleb and slipped onto his laps and I watched as they kissed. I felt my blood boil as my friend feasted on the girl's lips. My mind went to Kassie. She was at home waiting for a man who was busy with another woman. Honestly she deserved better. A queen like her needed to be treated as such. She needed an honest loving man who knew her worth. I looked at Caleb and wondered what we really had in common.
The trip wasn't planned but I had just been ordered by the boss to go with Oscar for a seminar in cape town. I knew Caleb would refuse especially with my recent refusal to quit my job. Luckily his mum had come to visit and when I presented the issue she encouraged him to let me go.
"Your wife works hard and if the boss feels she can represent the company then let her go."
He had eyed me with his usual threatening look but I knew as long as his mother was around he wouldn't dare lay a finger on me. She somehow was the only female he actually respected. So here I was flying to cape town with Oscar. I stole a glance at him but he was engrossed with whatever he was working on, on his laptop. I shifted back to my novel and prayed that this trip wouldn't be awkward. Oscar had been avoiding me since my car trouble day and now here we were.
We landed in Cape town an hour later and we were met by a gentleman with a placard of Oscar's name. He was apparently the company driver and he was taking us to the family home in Cape town. The drive there was silent. The house was beautiful and was situated right where I had a view of the table mountain. I was taken to my room where ai freshened up and decided to nap as I felt jet lagged. I must have slept for hours because by the time I was waking up it was dusk. I felt embarrassed as I walked out of my room to the kitchen that I had been shown earlier.
I found the housekeeper I had met earlier in there and she told me she had kept some food for me. I smiled at her gratefully.
"Shall I set up the dining area for you?"
I shook my head. "Can I eat on the deck. I want to stare at the sea," I said feeling like a child.
She nodded and told me to go ahead and she would send someone with the food. As I walked to the deck I couldn't help but wonder where Oscar was. I sat on one of the seats and stared at the waves roll. I loved the sea and always wished I could be as free as it was. A few minutes later a young woman in a uniform came with a tray laden with food. There was a prawn salad, sticky wings and fries. My mouth was salivating as the aroma hit my nostrils. I dug into my food and savoured every bite. The lady also brought me some wine which I took with my food. I couldn't help but love the solitude and the peace that came with not having to worry about Caleb being close. After my meal I sat staring at the sea before deciding to actually head there. I went inside and changed into a short and vest and flip flops. I then told the housekeeper I was going for a walk. I loved that the moon was out and everything was illuminated. I ran to the beach feeling like a child.
I ran into the water and laughed as a wave hit me. I went under and then the wave rolled back. I lay on my back in the sand and waited for the next wave. Now this was freedom. I must have lain there for a while before realising that someone was watching me. I sat up and there he was. His chest was bare and he was in black shorts and his feet were bare.
"You seem to love water," he commented dryily.
I giggled like a girl. "I love the freedom I feel when near the sea."
He eyed me questioningly. I shrugged. I owed him no explanations. Suddenly he sat next to me. I looked at him in shock.
"I want to know what freedom feels like."
I laughed and stared at my feet as the water came in again. We must have sat there for a while each lost in our own thoughts when he finally cleared his throat and sais we should head out. I nodded sadly and started to stand but a big wave camr and hit causing me to slip. I thought I was going under again when I felt his hands round me. I looked into his eyes and he had this look. I swallowed hard.
"Thanks,"I stammered and hoped he would let me go but he didn't. He kept his gaze on me and I started to feel flushed.
The next thing I knew was his lips on mine. The heat that rushed through me was intense. I parted my lips and that gave him access to my mouth. I loved how his tongue explored my mouth. He deepened the kiss and I heard myself moan.
"I think we should stop," he said pulling away.
I nodded but he didn't let me go. Our eyes held each other's. I had to confess he made me feel wild and beautiful. His eyes shifted to my lips again and before I knew it his lips were on mine again. I told myself this was wrong but did nothing to stop him. It seemed as though my body had a mind of its own as my hands wrapped around his neck. I didn't even protest as he lowered me onto the sand. All I wanted was to be lost in his kiss forever.
I held her in my arms as she slept. We had been sleeping like this for the past three days and there was no denying that I was falling in love with her. From the first time I made love to her on the beach I knew I was a goner. I had seen signs of regret in her eyes but she had quickly shielded it just like she did many things. The one thing I saw change in her was the sadness in her eyes seemed to have disappeared. She was a beautiful woman and didn't deserve whatever it was that made her that way. I hadn't told her that she cried in her sleep and at times she seemed frightened. All I did was just hold and calm her. Whatever it was that made her so scared was something I was determined to find out.
I trailed a hand down her naked back when she turned and I heard her moan. She was such a sexual being. A goddess and I couldn't help but wonder if she was like this with her husband. It seemed the way she made love with me was like her quenching a thirst that had been around for a long Time. I smiled as I visiualised how she always wriggled underneath me and then her rythym.....i
I Sat up as I thought of the next day and moved to the edge of the bed. The seminar was over and we were supposed to head back to Zambia and each time I menationed that this cloud came over her. I knew she was awake when her breathing changed and when her arms came round me I wasn't surprised. She started nibbling my ear almost immediately. I held my breath as her tongue teased my ear. I wanted to pull her into my arms but I decided to wait and see what she would do. She started trailing kisses down my neck and I felt my insides flare up from the heat. I groaned as she moved swiftly from behind him and was sitting on my laps. She slowly pushed me onto the bed with a naughty smile. I loved this side of her. All logic sense was lost when her kisses started trailing my naked torso. I gasped as her tongue started circling my navel.
I saw her pause as her eyes searched my face for any reaction. I think she liked what she saw because she smiled then went on to suck my navel. I moaned. Her hands trailed down my abdomen and stopped to stroke my hair before she touched my manhood. It was already erect. She stroked went lower and got hold of my balls and I squirmed beneath her as she stroked them gently. With such art she used one hand to stroke my manhoid and before I knew it I was in the warmth of her mouth. She sucked me with such expertise and when I was certain I was about to come she pulled me out much to my dismay. She shook her head mischievously before she slowly mounted me.
I came almost immediately I enteres her but she didn'ty get off me. Instead I watched as she wound on top of me. I watched her wind as though she was winding to some invisible music. I was hard in no time and I could see the delight in her eyes. She rode me till we both climaxed. Afterwards we lay spent in each other's arms till she got up, grabbed my shirt on the floor and headed to the bathroom. I lay there thinking of how to make her feel special. Yes the sex was great but I wanted more than that. I wanted her to feel like a woman who was appreciated. By the time she returned from cleaning herself I assumed I had called a driver and had arranged for a day out. I informed her that I had plans and needed her to change. She then reminded me that she needed to get to her room. So like most mornings she snack back to her room while I looked around to make sure the coast was clear. After she disappeared into her room and I went to bath.
I settled for black jeans and a white casual shirt with black Calvin klein canvas shoes. I then went to the deck where breakfast was served. I smiled when I saw the freshly baked croissants. Kassie loved them and I smiled when I recalled how her eyes lighted up each time she spread butter on the croissant and it melted. I always thanked my lucky stars for sending us a french chef. There was also freshly squeezed oranged juice, a fruit salad comprising of kiwi, strawberries, papaya and apples. I smiled sheepshily as her scent hit me. She materialised later in a short yellow sundress and gold sandals. Her hair was in a pony tail and her face had little make up. She actually looked better without the make up. We ate as we laughed and teased each other. The car came round at ten and I led her to it. I could see the look from Ma Andile the housekeeper but I ignored it. No one was going to make me feel guilty for this rendzvous.
I instructed the driver to take us to Canal walk shopping mall. I told her I was treating her so she could shop till she dropped. We went from shop and she modeled clothes and shoes for me. I had never shopped with any woman as I had no patience but this I enjoyed. We bought lots of clothes and shoes then put the parcels in the car before I took her for lunch at a famous restaurant overlooking the sea. I saw her pleasure as dolphins jumped in and out of the water. After lunch we took to exploring the sights before I took her to this salsa bar. I had no idea she could dance so well and I fell more in love.
We had a lovely dinner and then took a stroll and ended up at the pier. We leaned against the railings as we stared out to sea.
"Thank you for the amazing day," she said without looking at me.
I could hear the tone of sadness in her voice. "Tomorrow we return to reality and our separate lives," she said looking at me.
I got her hand and looked her deep in her eyes. The sadness was back.
"This doesn't have to end."
She shook her head. "I am married. Taken. This was just a fling."
I spun her round rougher than intended and she seemed scared. I hated myself for the look in her eyes. I pulled her towards me and kissed her roughly.
"I don't care about you being married and this was not a fling. What you felt and feel is what I feel,"I said taking her hand and placing it in my chest and letting her feel my heartbeat.
"I am not letting this end," I said gruffly.
She wanted to say something but I captured her lips again and kissed her sensually. I knew I had broken her resolve when her arms wrapped round me. That night we amde love like our lives depended on it and when she slept I whispered my love for her and vowed to find out the cause of her pain.
"I swear she is cheating,"Caleb said as he hit the golf ball.
I followed the ball as it flew into the air. We were at chilanga golf club playing golf on a saturday. Kassie had only been back a week from her seminar.
"What makes you say that?"I asked as I took my position to tee off.
"She has this glow and when she thinks no one is looking she smiles off into space."
I hit the ball hard. I had noticed the glow and the sadness in her eyes occassionally disappear but then again what I had learnt was that abused women were normally too afraid to cheat for fear of what their abuser would do.
"Maybe she discovered something about herself in Cape Town. Remember that place is magical. And I doubt Kassie would ever cheat in you."
"She better not be," he said as he placed his club into his golf club and instructed the caddied to follow us to the next hole.
I prayed deep within me that he was wrong and I prayed he wouldn't hire someone to trail her. That was invasion of privacy.
"For some reason she seems to hold you in high esteem that is why you are perfect for spying on her. She would never suspect you," he said surprising me again.
"I want to know what is behind that smile."
I wanted to refuse and tell him no but Kassie's face appeared in my head. He was right. I was better off trailing her. In case I found something then I could decide how best to handle the situation. I nodded and then quickly changed the topic. I also knew trailing her would be Hard. I had developed more than a soft spot for her and even my relationship was getting affected. Each time I kissed Thandi I found myself wishing I was kissing Kassie. I secretly wanted to be the reason she smiled and I wanted to be the one to take her pain away. I prayed she hadn't allowed another man into her heart as I wanted to be the one to melt it. In fact I had even fantasized about us running off together.

To be continued..

COLD HEARTED Episode 25-26

Christina's POV
I saw the girl and Noah in the compound. The way they were chatting and laughing irritates me.
I called mum later the day I left their house and asked her about ellie. She told me ellie is one their cook's daughter. What in the world did noah see in her? She far out of his league. Her class is so low from his. Does the girl seduced him? This is so crazy. She's so much annoying I wish I could kill her for good to stop seeing that irritating ugly face. I was watching them from where I stood with my friends. "Look at the way Noah is laughing. What could they be talking about? That girl is so strong. She looks like she won't back off easily"Mina said. "And you think that'll be possible? She's dealing with me. She's dealing with Christiana. You think she'll survive it with me. Noah will have to come back to me no matter what. I'll make sure of that."I said looking at them. "Let the game begin now!"I said looking at the girls. "Ok"they said. "You guys know what to do right?"I asked. "Of course we do"Mina said and they left. I watched ellie leave noah and David heading towards class. I smiled to myself nodding my head. "You'll regret ever been in competition with me"I said laughing erratically.
Ellie's POV
I stood their staring at them. Some of my note books were missing and I know they're the one that took it. "You guys are really crossing the line. I know you took my note books. I don't know whatever you guys want to do with it but it's so important to me It'll be better if you return it"I said looking at them one after the other. "Oh she said she's looking for her notebooks. Has anyone found it among you?"Mina asked looking at the other two other girls. "I don't think I found it"Lizzy said. "What of you, did you found it?"she asked turning to Lydia. "Notebooks? I think I found it"she said smiling at me. I sighed and moved closer to her. "Look here Lydia. Those notebooks means a lot to me. It'll be good if you just hand them over."I said to her in a calm voice. "I said I think I found it does that means they are with me? No. I just think i saw it in the old storage room down there"she said pointing at the direction. This girls are so evil. How could they keep my note books there? I thought to myself feeling angry. I looked at them badly before walking down towards the storage room.
Christina's POV
I adjusted my uniform well and walked up to where noah and David were sitting. I got to them and they both looked up at me. "Christiana"David called my name smiling. But noah starred off not saying anything. "Hy noah."I said waving my hand at him. He stood up not responding to my greeting. "I'll see you later guy. I have to go"he said and wanted to leave. "Are you leaving because of me? Why? You hate me that much?"I asked. He turned back facing me. "Not that. I have something important I must attend to. Mind you, I was planning to leave before you got here so, don't get this wrong"he said looking at me. "Was it because of that you didn't respond to my greeting too?"I asked. "Well that's a different case. I only responds to greetings of those who it's due to. Not senseless people"he said looking straight in my eyes. "Senseless people like me?"I asked staring at him. "I didn't mention anyone's name did I? So don't misinterpret me"he said. He walked off leaving David and I. That got me more angrier. "Christiana don't mind what he said ok. I think he's still upset over what I told him before you came"David said apologizing on his behalf. "I understand. You don't have to worry"I said and also left.
"By doing all this you think it would help the situation? You have no choice but to choose me last. Just wait for it"I thought to myself.
"By now, you beloved one and only ellie would be in a big trouble"I said laughing out loud as I headed to class.
Ellie's POV
When I got to the storage room, I started looking for my notes. After searching for a while, I found them on a desk been soaked wet. I picked them up looking angry. "How dare you guys do this to my notes?"I said angrily looking at it. I tried going out of the storage room and the door was shut by someone I didn't see. I rushed there hitting my hands on the door. "Open the door. Someone is here. Open the door"I screamed hitting the door hard. No one answered or open it. I wonder who closed it. "Please open the door someone is here"I said panting heavily but still no response. I brought out my phone to call noah but my battery was dead. "Oh my God. Why now? What's happening?"I asked feeling bad. I knocked on the door again but no one answer. The storage room is so stuffy and there were lot of dusts. The windows were shut too nowhere to peep through. Students don't usually come to the storage room because it was abandoned long time ago. And I heard it was abandoned because a student was killed here while her friends were bullying her. She was locked here till the following morning. Because she was an asthmatic patient, she died of suffocation. And her corpse was discovered the following morning by one of the teachers who came there for something. The story was so scary when Anita was telling me about it. I didn't know I'll also end up here. I turned back and was looking around the dark storage room. "Am I gonna end up like her?"I asked myself almost crying. I knock on the door and hit it multiple time but no one heard me or open it. I started crying calling for help. "Please open the door. Please!"I said crying. I tried switching on my phone but it was switched off again due to empty battery. I cried more now getting scared of the place. I stood close to the door looking around. "What will happen to me? I can't die here will I?"I said crying out. "Somebody please help me out of here. Please help me. Someone is locked her"I said crying. I bent down on my kneels crying burying my face down in my arms. I heard some rustling sound among the stuffs packed together and I quickly raised up my head moving back to the wall. If it's possible to enter the wall, I will. I started looking around in fear as tears rolled down my cheek. I think the girl's ghost might pop out to me anytime. The worst part of it was I couldn't see anything clearly in the dark. The rustling became more closer and louder. I then saw a figure before me. I closed my eyes and screamed out on top of my voice.
Noah's POV
it's closing hour, I was waiting in my car for Ellie's arrival. I waited and waited but there were not sign of her. "What's keeping her so long? Is she busy again?"I asked myself. I waited another 20 minutes and I still didn't see her. "What could be keeping her this long?"I said reaching for my phone. I called her number but it was switched off. "What's happening? Why's her phone switched off?"I said and decided to go and search for her in the class. Only few students were left in the compound. Most of them has left for home.
"She's too late today. What could be keeping her?"I said heading towards the school building. I met Christiana and her friends as I was about to walk into their class. I walked pass her heading in. "Noah!"she called my name. I stopped and faced her. "Any problem?"I asked looking at them. "Not at all. I just wonder why you're going inside"she said. "And is that any of your business?"I asked staring at her. "Oh. Are you looking for ellie? I saw her went out a while ago probably going home. I think she left already. No one is in the class as you can see"she said pointing in. What's she talking about? How can ellie leave without telling me? "I'll take my leave then. Bye"she said and left with her friends.
"How can she leave the school without me? And her phone is switched off too. Is she still mad at me because of the girl I told her about? She can't possibly be mad because of that"I said looking around the classroom.

As I was looking around the classroom, something caught my eyes. "That looks like Ellie's school bag"I said moving closer to the desk. I picked up the bag wondering why it's still in school. "If she really left the school, she can't possibly go without her bag. Something is missing"I said. I opened the bag to check if it's truly hers. This is her bag. Where could she be? And her phone is switched off. how do I know where she is? I left the classroom heading out to the compound.
Ellie's POV
The figure I saw was a cat. It stood before me then ran through the stuffs and went up in the broken ceiling. I got more scared looking around the creepy place. I just pray someone will notice am here and come to my rescue. I can't die here like this. "Why are you doing this to me at this time? Why?"I said crying while looking at my phone. I checked my wristwatch and found out it's 5:10 already. Students would have all gone home. No one would be in school by now. "Help me. Someone is locked here. Anyone out there? please help!"i said crying while hitting the door. I went to the window to see if I can open it. I jacked it hard but it was too strong to break or open. I remembered I have a pin in my hair. I removed it and quickly straightened it. I went to the door and inserted it in the key hole. I twisted the pin in the key hole but it refused to open. "Why is this not working? Why? It works in TVs. Why is it not working for me"I said and violently threw the pin away hitting the door hard. "Please save me! Please someone is stucked here"I said crying out loud. I heard some footsteps coming towards the door and I hit it again to get the person's attention. "Who's that? Someone is here. Please open this door"I said hitting the door. The footsteps stopped when the person got to the door. I could see the snicker he/she was putting on, because the door has a space below. "Someone is here. Can you open the door please? I know someone is out there can you please open this door?"I said shouting. The person bent down and threw something under the door. It rolled in and stopped beside me. It looks like some gas can. The content inside it started fliting in the whole storage room. "What's is this? Please open the door"I said hitting it. The person turned and left the doorstep heading back to whereever they come from. I was inhaling the gas as it flit around the room. I started coughing still hitting the door. "!"my voice became weaker. I looked back at the can still coughing. Everywhere became blur and the gas was burning my throat. It was suffocating me and I found it hard to breath properly. I fell to the ground and stretched my hand out in the tiny space under the door crawling on the floor. "Help!"I said but my voice was too weak. I started crying and coughing holding my neck. Am I gonna die here? I can't leave mum in that state. I can't die just now. I thought to myself crying.
I remembered how mum was very happy the first day I was coming to school and how she told me to watch out for bad kids. I remembered the story Anita told me about the girl that died here due to suffocation. Am I gonna end up like her? What of mum, will I leave her just like this? And noah, is this the end of us? I thought to myself crying. My body became weaker and I couldn't breath again. I heard someone calling my name and hitting the door with something. The voice sounds like it was some distance far away from me. I suddenly noticed some reflection of lights shining into my eyes which was shutting gradually. Someone took me in their arms calling my name. My views were too blur, I couldn't see the face clearly but I know who it is. My eyes shut and that was all I could remember.
Before the door was opened..
Noah's POV
I was heading back to the compound to search for her. But heard some footsteps behind me. I looked back and saw someone go through a corner. He was not putting on a school uniform so he's probably not a student or might be a student. The school is empty what could he still be looking for. I followed him but when I got to the corner, I couldn't find him again. I looked around but he was no where to be found. "Why am I even after him?"I said and was heading back to the compound. I tripped and wanted to fall but got hold of myself again. Something is strange. What could be happening? I have a strange feeling about that guy. I turned back and traced him. I check each classroom but couldn't find him. "Did he disappeared?"I said looking around. Shortly, I heard some noise from the old storage room. "What's happening? Is someone there?"i asked myself looking at the door which was the fourth door from where I was standing. The noise became louder as someone was hitting the door from inside. I think someone is inside. I looked around and everywhere was quiet. No single student in the building everybody went home. I was afraid move closer to the door due to the story I heard about it. But I couldn't help as the noise was becoming louder and unbearable. I quickly walked towards the door still feeling nervous. As I got closer, I couldn't hear anything again. Whatever it's there, I have to find out. I stopped by the door and knocked on it placing my ear closer. "Is anyone there? Is someone inside?"I asked knocking. But I suddenly saw someone's hand beside my Snickers. I moved back in fear thinking Its trying to pull my leg. But the wristwatch looks familiar. "Ellie?"I said and quickly bend down holding her hand. "Ellie! Are you in there? Can you hear me?"I asked holding her hand. I stood up and tried opening the door but it was locked. I tried opening it with force but it was too strong to break. I started looking for object to break padlock used to lock it. I searched in the waste and found some keys there. I picked it up and rushed back to the door. "Ellie hang on please. I'll open the door now"i said with my body trembling in fear. I inserted one of the key in the padlock to open it but it isn't working. I then tried another key and still the same. I threw the keys away looking for object to break it. I finally saw a metal after a long search. I hit it on the padlock multiple times until it broke and the padlock fell down. I opened the door in a rush and went taking her in my arms looking so sick worried and scared of the situation."Elli
e! Ellie why are you like this? Get up please"I asked taking her up. Her uniform was messed up with dust and her hair too. I started coughing due to the harmful gas that was released in there. I carried her in my arms and took her out of the storage room. "Ellie please open your eyes. Ellie!"I called her name. "Who in the world did this to you? Why are you lying here like this? Please get up"I said almost crying. I carried her up in my arms and headed out to my car in a rush. The remaining few students in the compound were all looking at me as I took her in wondering what happened to her. I ignored them all and drove out in speed.
Ellie's POV
I opened my eyes and the first person I first saw was noah. He was sitting on a stood beside me. I looked around and found out I was in the hospital. "Ellie are you awake? It's me your mum"mummy said moving closer to my bed. "Are you ok? Can you see me?"noah asked looking worried. "I nodded my head at both of them smiling. The doctor got in and checked me up. "How's she? Is she perfectly ok?"noah asked the doctor. "Yes sir. Good thing you brought her in time. She inhaled a very harmful gas chemical. If you didn't arrive on time she won't have survived it cause it would damage her lungs and she would have suffocated to d..."
"It's ok doctor. Thank God she's ok and nothing like that happen."noah said cutting the doctor short. "I'll still give her some medications tonight so, She won't be able to go home today. Tomorrow would be better"the doctor said. "Ok doctor. Thank you so much"mum said. The doctor left and noah came back to me. "Thank you so much young master. If it's not for you, I don't know what would have happen to my poor Ellie. Thank you so much"mum said crying.
"It's ok ma. She'll be fine"noah said holding her hands. Mum looked at me and I nodded my head smiling.
Soon mum left leaving noah and I behind.
I wonder how he found me there. And I wonder who shut the door and the person that threw in the gas. What could I have done to deserve such. What if noah didn't arrive, will I end up dead?
"How in the world did you end up been in that room? What took you there in the first place?"noah asked me. "I went there for my note books. But as I wanted to leave, the door was shut on me by someone I dont know"I replied.
"Your notebooks? How does it got there?"he asked. I narrated everything to him on how my books were stolen. And how the girls told me it'll be in the storage room. I told him about the person that threw the gas in too.
"Who do you think could be behind all this?"I asked. "Don't worry, I know the person behind it and I promise not to let it go this time. I'll make sure she experience the same thing you passed through"noah said in anger. He stood up and took his car key heading out. "Noah!"I called his name and he stopped but not looking back at me. "Please am begging you. Don't do anything you'll regret later. Just let anyone who did this to me face their own karma. If you do anything to them, it could get you also in trouble."I said looking at him. "Trouble?What does that mean? Look at where the evil act end up putting you? What if I didn't arrive on time? What would have happen to you? They are so heartless and deserve to be punished for this"he said raising his voice in anger. "I won't just let this go. If you forgive them, I won't ever do the same. I'll make them pay the price to this"he said and opened the door. "Noah please. Do this for my sake at least. We have no evidence they do this to me yet. Please calm down and listen to me for once"I said almost crying. He turned back looking at me. Just then, someone opened the door and walks in, in a rush. "Noah are you ok? Nothing is wrong with you right? You're not hurt anywhere."Christiana asked looking worried. Noah was staring at her with a strange expression written on his face. I was also staring at her wondering why she came to the hospital. "I heard there was an accident and you came to the hospital. I came to check if you're ok. Thank God you're perfectly fine"she said smiling. Noah looked at me then looked back at her with an unknown expression.

To be continued..

Today's Special

ME : Contestant No.7 may we meet you
GIRL : Thank you very much for that
equation , my name is Atim Akpan Ekpo but
my friends call me ATM, I am from Akwa
ME : Alright, please what are your statistics?
GIRL : Thank you very much for that
equation, but sorry I am an art student and
not science so I didn't do statistics
ME : If a person from Nigeria is called a
Nigerian and a person from Australia is
called an Australian, a person from Holland is
called what?
GIRL : Thank you very much for your
equation, iF someone from Nigeria is a
Nigerian and someone From Australia is an
Australian, someone From Holland is called
ME : Hollandia?
GIRL : sorry Hollandis
ME : Hollandia or Hollandis
GIRL : The female is Hollandis and the male is
You that is laughing, what is the answer ??
Oya talk

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


'In love with the DJ' is the second side of the already concluded one ('In love with a stripper')...

Anita closed her eyes inviting sleep to spread its full wing and take her trobuled soul on a short trip to the dream land but it didn't obliged. She eventually gave up after minutes of futile effort and resort to accept her terrible fate that wonderful Friday evening. The stench coming from the man beside her threatened to force her throw up the delicious meal she had just before they take but she kept her cool.
"The plane will soon touch down." She assured her self.
To get her mind from dwelling too much on the terrible alcohol odour, she decide to keep her mind occupied. She brought out her Samsung Galaxy tab and decided to pump more lyrics to the new song she was working on but had to drop it when the stench also robbed her of inspiration. Out of luck with the lyrics, Anita resort to studying her fellow passengers. A woman with two kids sat at her immediate front with her kids playing with each other. She imagined the first time she was in a plane, how she had raised incessant questions about everything and how her father had eventually yelled at her to keep quiet.
'Kids, they can border the life out of you' She thought.
Suddenly the guy beside belched out a horrible alcohol odour. Blocking her nose, she stood up and ran to the toilet. She came back hoping to find a vacant seat so she could be rid of the alcohol reeking man but unfortunately, she couldn't find any. As she sat again, she rebuked herself for not being meticulous while choosing a sitting partner.
The man tall, a little bit dark in complexion, his dredd hair looks natural but She knew better. With his head phone it looked as if he wasn't present in plane at all. He belched the second time and this time around Anita almost threw up. She taped the guy and he pulled off his head phone and shifted his attention to her.
' Hello, please how may I help you.' He said.
Anita struggled to get the word out but she couldn't. Maybe it was the man's reddish eyeballs that scared her or the spider tattoo on his neck.
' Please reduce the volume of your head phone.' She managed to say.
' Ok I will.' He replied and flashed her a smile but she didn't return the compliment.
The man resumed his task with his head phone and Anita cowed in her seat. To her, the man must have been a very dangerous man, maybe a mob boss or some advanced garage boys. But his English is fluent, touts don't speak fluent English.
'Excuse me.' He heard the man say.
She was surprised to see that the man off with his head phone, gazing at her.
'Am Segun by name.' He offered his hand to her and she reluctantly took it.
'My name is Jeniffer.' She lied and Segun smiled.
'Sure you are? I mean no offense but you look more like Rebecca or Deborah or Sandra or Jessica.'
'You can say what ever you want I don't care.' She hissed.
' Hey pretty, am just making a conversation here. I mean no disrespect.' He said.
' What ever.' She replied.
The plane landed at the Nnamdi Azekwe airport Abuja and the flight attendant announced their arrival. Anita immediately stood up and quickly joined the multitude trooping out of the plane before Segun could utter another word. She eventually got out hurried to the taxi.
'Jessica' She suddenly heard someone call out loud.
She looked back and saw the dangerous Segun coming towards her. In other to avoid him, she quickly hopped into the nearest available taxi and usered the driver to drive on. No matter the cost she must evade the dangerous man.

The taxi carrying Anita stopped opposite an elegant hotel, she alighted and walked in. She had rid her mind off the thought of the mystery man, what occupied her mind as she proceeded towards the hotel's hall was how she was going to give an awesome performance. Although she had rehearsed quite a few times but she was still feeling nervous.
On getting to the hall's entrance, she met heavy security checks. The concert's pass was being checked and people were being scanned for weapons. She approached them and they demanded for her pass. She fished into her bag to produce it out but to her disappointment, she couldn't find it. She checked everywhere until the reality became dawn on her. She had lost her pass to the concert where she was going to perform.
She tried reason with the securities but they wouldn't lend any listening ear. They were given strict order not to let anyone without the pass in, regardless of his or her status. Anita was confused, she brought out her phone and dialed one of the organizer's number but the number was not available.She begged the securities again but they were indifferent to her pleas. Charles her manager had really worked so hard to make sure she get to perform in this big concert to help her forthcoming single gain recognition.
Lost in thought, she was jolted back to life by the hotel's waiter.
'Excuse me ma, are you miss Anita?' Asked the waiter.
'Yes please, any problem?' She replied.
' Not at all, a man brought this here just now. He said it belongs to you.' He brought out her pass which Anita almost snatched from him.
'Thank you so so much.' She said happily as she collected the pass, showed it to the securities and went into the hall.
The moment she got in, she got hooked by one of the organizers.
' Thought you changed your mind about performing, I was about calling someone else to fill your spot.' Said the man.
'Am sorry, my flight was delayed.' She replied.
'Just go to the back stage and get yourself prepared, please don't screw up.' He warned.
'I won't sir, thanks so much.' She answered.
Anita stood at the back stage with her head phone, rehearsing and making sure she had committed all the lyrics in her song to heart. Of course she wrote the song and could sing it anywhere but she needed to tighten all loose end just to make sure she won't mess up.
Her time finally came and she was called to stage. She took the mic and started singing. As she sings, she could see the whole audience already on their feet dancing. Just as it used to be when she sings in her church. Extremely happy about this, when she finished with the song, she began singing an acapella of another song she was working on.
As she sings vigorously, the audience roared in excitement. She suddenly someone blew her a whistle, she looked in the direction and was stupefied to see that it was the mysterious Segun. Immediate she lost her nerve and her performance would have been destroyed if she hadn't quickly got hold of herself and abruptly brought the song to its end.

To be continued

Monday, 9 July 2018

COLD HEARTED Episode 23-24

I can't believe what am seeing. But it's true she's living with them. I have to find out why she's living here with noah. "Ok. I'll take my leave ma."I said. "Ok. My regards to your mum"she said. I looked at noah one more time before walking towards my car.
Ellie's POV
I left them walking back to our room. I got to our room and stood by the door feeling nervous. "Why's she here? I think my heart was about to fall out back there."I said. I peeped through the window and found out she left already. I took a deep breath and fell on the bed. Mum walks in holding a basket. She drops it on the table and came sitting beside me. I wanted to tell her about the message I received yesterday, but I think it's not necessary since the person's line didn't go through when I called. I don't want anything to bother her on that again.
"You said you want to tell me something"mum said looking at me. "Oh yes"I replied not knowing what to say. So I quickly changed it to another thing. "I want to talk about us still staying here. Mum don't you think we should leave already. You saved enough for us to leave. Let's get another apartment somewhere so we can live alone"I said hoping she'll welcome the idea. "Uhm. You're right but did anything happen? Is young master still bothering you?"she asked. "No mum. I just think we should go already. It's not like we are gonna live here forever. We'll eventually go one day"I said looking at her. "I'll find a solution to that soon. Just give me little time to settle our debts. After that, we'll be able to move out"she said. I nodded my head in agreement to that.
During the evening, noah texted me to meet him outside. He told me to wear warm dress. I went out in comfortable cloth and told mum I'll be back. When I got to the compound, I found him waiting by his car. I smiled and walked up to him. "Here I am"I said looking at him. "Ok welcome ma'am"he said with a smile and lead me into the car. He also got in and closed the door.
"Where are you taking me to?"I asked looking at him. "A drive"he said with a smile. "Wow! That's so cool but don't you think it's cold?"I asked. "That was why I asked you wear something warm. Do you call this warm?"he said looking at me. I was putting on a blue T-shirt and black flayed skirt which was only a little above my kneel. I sighed looking at him. "I didn't know you would be taking me on a drive. I thought it would just be a quick meeting and I'll go back inside"I said. "Ok. Will you go and change? I can't let you freeze to death you know"he said looking at me. I pulled the seat belt and fasten it. "Let's go. I can't go back in or I won't come outside again"I said not looking at him. "You're so stubborn don't you"he said looking at me but I said nothing folding my arms together. He started the car and drove towards the gate.
Soon we got to the high way and he opened the roof of his car. As the breeze was blowing in, I feel so refreshed. I stretched out my hand through the window catching the running wind. Noah looked at me and smiled. I smiled too looking out through the window. "The weather's so cool"I said looking at him. "What do you say?"he asked. "I said the weather is cool"I shouted. "Yeah it is"he said smiling.
He stopped at a beach and we both got down. The breeze there was so freezing cold. I now see why he asked to wear something warm. We both stood beside his car looking at the ocean which was a bit far from where we are. I folded my arms rubbing them on my shoulder to feel warm.
"Wow I love the view of the ocean"I said. "Really?"he asked. "Yes. But am always scared of getting in there."i replied. "Why? Is that an allergy?"he asked grinning. "No. Anytime I tried to get in, It made me remembered the scary memory of when I was a kid. We were at the beach that faithful day. I remembered I was playing in the water with other kids who came to the beach too. I heard mum calling me to come out already but i was being stubborn and went deep in the water while others were playing at the shore. I was not scared of the water then because I can swim a little. As I was swimming, I suddenly had leg cramps and was drowning. I tried shouting for help, but the water kept running into my mouth. I was thinking I would die in the water. My ears were blocked and my nose too. I couldn't breath. I started throwing my hand up in the water struggling to get up but I couldn't."as I was talking, noah looks so much interested in it as he was staring at me paying his full attention on it. "Why did you stop? What happened later? Were you saved? By who?"he asked impatiently. "Calm down. If I was not rescued, you won't be seeing me today."I said laughing. "Oh that's true. Am just curious to know"he said.
"Ok. As I was struggling in the water, I suddenly saw an angel with wings and a crown on his head. swimming towards me. He got to me and helped me by taking my arm and swum out of the water with me. What I remembered last was when I opened my eyes by the noises of people calling my name. I saw the boy walking away. "Thank you"I said watching him leave. He looked back at me smiling. He waved his hand and I smiled too. Just then the ambulance arrived. I was taken to the hospital for treatment because my dad was so worried about me getting hurt."I said smiling. "Wow. What a touching story."he said not looking at me. "That means the boy saved your life"he said smiling. "Yes. He did. Everyday, I wish I would meet the boy again but I never did. Even if I do, I don't think I can remember him again. That was 10years ago. He would have grown up handsomely."I said smiling.
"You look like you're gonna leave me for him if you guys have the chance to meet again"he said. "What? That's not it. He actually saved my life so I still owe him a thank you at least. Should I say he was my first love?"
"Your first love? How could you say that so carelessly?"noah said getting jealous. "Why? Are you jealous? You also have your first love. Am not your first love am I?"I asked looking at him. "But you shouldn't say that smiling so brightly"he said. I laughed looking at him. "You're so funny. Should I talk about him crying instead?"I asked. "I didn't say you should cry also. Let's just forget about it"he said. I smiled nodding my head. "Ok sir"I said with a smile. I didn't know he could get jealous too. How cute.
Noah's POV
I remembered that day clearly. She was putting on a green swimming pant. We went for picnic that day. we already left the beach setting to leave but I remembered I left one of my favourite toys at the beach so I quickly went back for it. Then, I was still 10 years old. That was also 10 years ago. Just as I picked it at where I left it and was about leaving, I saw a girl throwing her hand up at me in the water. "Wow she's so pretty"I said thinking she was waving at me. I tried to leave but looked back again. It was then I saw she was drowning and need help. I looked around and saw people didn't notice it. I dropped the toy I was holding and jumped into the water. I swum fast towards her and I took her arm. I was able to take her out to the shore. I tried waking her but she was unconscious. "Hey. Can you hear me? Wake up"I said shaking her body roughly. I knew about the mouth to mouth breath. So I wanted to do it but I hesitated because am afraid to do it. But I did it at last. I covered her nose and placed my lips on hers breathing into her mouth. I tried waking her but she still remain unconscious. It was then I shouted for help. "Help! Someone is hurt"I shouted. Soon, people came to us. A man quickly bent down beside her calling her name. Soon, she coughed out water and I feel relieved. I stood up and decided to leave after I saw her opened her eyes. When I got a bit far from her, I turned back smiling while waving my have at her. She smiled back.
When i first saw ellie back in our compound the other day we met again, she looks so familiar to me but I was not sure then. now that she narrated the story to me, I remembered she was the girl from the beach. She was actually the first girl I kissed while trying to save her.
I remembered all this smiling to myself. Fate really brought us back together. So funny she can't even remember me again.
"Why are you smiling to yourself?"ellie asked looking at me. "Just feeling happy"I replied with a smile. "Are you not cold? The breeze is too much"I said trying to take off my jacket. She smiled looking at me. "What of you? Won't you be cold too?"she asked. "I am cold too. Ok Let's do it this way then"I said and hugged her from behind covering her with the jacket too. "It feels warmer like this"she said smiling. I nodded my head with a smile.
"Ellie I want to ask you for something"I said. "Go on and ask"she replied. "Promise me this. No matter what happen between us in future, you'll never let go of my hand. You'll continue loving me this way."I said. "I promise I will. And I want you to promise the same too"
"I promise I won't do anything to hurt you. I'll always be there by your side no matter what happen"I said. She turned around facing me with a smile. "It's stamped. A promise to be keep forever. She said and locked her fingers with mine smiling brightly. I tilted my head a little and was brushing it against hers smiling. The pretty little girl of then, has grown up so beautifully. I thought to myself smiling.

Ellie's POV
We both went back into the car. I checked the time and it was already past 8pm. "The time runs so fast"I said. "Yes. It always do whenever we're together."noah said smiling. "I think it's time to go back home"he said looking at me. I nodded my head in agreement because I don't want mum to start getting worried about me been late. He started the car and drove towards the exit.
Soon, we got home and he packed at the garage.
Just as we both got down and was about going in, we saw mr Williams and two of his men walking towards us from the other side. Noah quickly pulled me back and we both hide bending down beside the car. The place was a bit dark so, he won't see us that easily. He walked towards his car which was the third car from Noah's own. The place we were hiding in was so tight. Noah had to move so close to me almost hugging me.
I heard the shutting sound of the car door. And it drove out towards the gate. Noah took a deep breath feeling relieved. "He almost caught us"he said smiling. I feel so uncomfortable by the way I was squatting on my kneel. He faced me and we were staring at each other. The space between us was just like an inch closer. After a while, I blinked my eyes and stared off. "Can you move back please my kneels hurt"I said. "Oh sorry."he said and stood up. I also stood up staring at him. It's like he doesn't have anything to say to me again. "I'll be leaving. See you tomorrow"I said and wanted to leave. He pulled my hand back and I was facing him. We started staring at each other again. I feel so hot all of a sudden. His bright charming eyes were boring into mine. Is this a staring match? Why is he not saying anything to me?
I could feel my cheek burning seriously. He moved his hand to my head and stroked my hair back softly. The way he was staring at me was so romantic. He moved his head closer to me and I quickly closed my eyes expecting him to do it. But I felt his hand on my head Instead of him kissing me. I opened my eyes and was staring at him. "Oh my God. Why is your hair so messed up."he said stroking my hair. I was staring at him feeling embarrassed. "Why did you close your eyes? Were you expecting something else?"he asked laughing. I jacked off his hand in annoyance. "W...who's expecting anything? I closed it because am feeling sleepy. Goodnight. See you tomorrow"I said and quickly walk off feeling more embarrassed. "Ellie! Wait I still have something to tell you"he said calling out on me But I didn't look back. my cheeks would be bright red by now because am so fair. I left him and went off to our room. I got in and met mum ironing my school uniform. "Am back"I said and dropped my bag. "Oh why's your face like that? Are you sick?"mum asked looking at me. "Am not. I think it's because of the cold"I said. I went into the bathroom to wash my face. My phone was ringing but I refused to pick it when I saw it was noah. I washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror. "How could you tease me like that? He's such a sexy jerk"I said. "Wait did I just say a sexy jerk? Oh my God! What's wrong with ellie?"I said covering my face. My phone started ringing again and I picked it. "Hello"I said. "Are you mad at me?"he asked. Yes am really mad at him but hate the fact that I was mad at him because he didn't kiss me. How funny of me. "No am not. Why should I be mad?"I asked. "Really? But you left even when I said you should wait"he said. Of course I had to leave. If I had turned back to him then, he would have end up laughing because of my face. "I just left because I feel so sleepy."I said yawning loud.
"Ok. Go to bed. See you tomorrow.". "Ok. Bye"I said and hung up.
At school...
During break, noah and I were sitting beside each other on a bench in the compound holding cup of iced coffee. "Do you remember the day we first met?"he asked. "Of course I do remember so clearly."I replied with a smile. "You were looking so scary then. You were staring at me so strangely that I think I might pee in my pant."i said laughing. He smiled too looking at me. "Really? Was I that scary?"he asked. "But now, anytime I remember those time, I always think am with another person right now. You really changed a lot. I can't believe we could be this close not to talk of dating."i said laughing. "That's fate. We were meant to be right from the start"he said smiling. What does he mean by from the start? "But for me, when we first met, you look so much like someone."
"Who's it? Your friend?"i asked looking curious. "No. Someone I met only once but couldn't get her image away from my head. The girl I had my first kiss with unplanned by me. Someone like that"he said smiling. I sighed feeling jealous. "Really? Do you like her?"i asked. "Yes I do. I really love her a lot"he replied smiling. "Is that why you're smiling so brightly? boasting about how much you love her in my present?. Go to her then"i said feeling jealous. He laughed looking at me. "Really? Should I cry talking about her then?"he said making me remember when I was also talking about the boy that saved me. I also said the same to him. "Are you jealous?"he asked. "Am not. I can't get jealous of her since you guys are not meeting again"i replied. "Am I really not seeing her again? I think am still seeing her everyday. And I'll continue seeing her all I want"he said smiling. He must think this is funny right, but it's not. "How can you tell me you guys are still seeing each other? Who's the girl? Should I teach her a lesson instead, so she can learn to stay away from someone else boyfriend." I said looking at noah who was laughing hard by now. "Is this funny? How could you laugh in this kind of situation? Am not joking you know"i said staring at him. "You're so funny right now ellie. So sorry I couldn't hold it in but laugh"he said laughing again. "Will you stop laughing or I hit you?"i said raising my hand at him but he Dodged it holding my hand. "Ellie can get jealous too? how cute. The more I look at it, I think you're more pretty than her only when you're jealous like this"he said and winked his eye. I removed my hand and hit him by his shoulder before he could Dodge it."who said am jealous? Am not. I don't want you guys to see each other again that's all."I said folding my arms. "Hey guys"a voice said from behind and we both looked back to see David coming towards us. "Hy David"i said smiling. "Hy how are you ellie"he replied. "Looks like you guys are having fun"he said smiling. "I'll take my leave. I need to get something from class"i said excusing myself. "Ok. See you later"noah said and I left. I was heading to class thinking about the girl noah was talking about earlier. "Who's the girl? She must be his first love if am right. Did he really had his first kiss with her? Is she really more prettier than i? But he doesn't have to talk about her to me smiling that way. So annoying"I said heading to class.
As I almost got there, I met those annoying girls standing in my way.
I wonder what they want this time around. I folded my arms expecting whatever they have to say.

To be continued..